You say tomatoe…


It occurred to me today while working on the book that I have several clues still left untethered. And, I also have some clues that are so close to one another that one might think I have misread or have incorrectly transcribed them. Take for instance…

The 17th by the lake.


The 17th by the river.

Now one might think that I have simply gotten confused on my bodies of water, but no. One is the lake… and one is the river.

The lake could be for one of two things. The watery destination where a tape was exchanged between Charley and F_____ ? Or, the lake where they strangled Roxanne? Oh silly me!

That’s the same lake! But is it the same date?



Now for the river? That’s another story completely. Why? Because it has something to do with the shovel and the compass. But was this for the MOT or for Jessica?


I know, I know. You think the MOT is buried in another town. So did I, till I found out G helped with the Death Certificate!

Now I’m not so certain!

So you see, lake- river… river-lake?

Who knows!?

It’s like that cute little tune they used to hum… “You say tomatoe, and I say tomaaaato… You say potatoe…and I say potaaaato! Tomatoe- tomaaaato- potatoe…potaaaato! Let’s call the whole thing off!”


But you can’t now… can you Grim?


Because somebody’s watching… Sleep tight!

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