The three falling…


The other night I had a dream… no, not quite a dream. It was a message. Fully aware, that I was fully aware I paid extra attention knowing that whatever it was that was being sent for preview was a direct epiphany meant for my disclosure.

As always, the air began to thin and the space I was standing in filled with cloudy material so that all was obliterated but the piece of focus. There before me stood a door. A beautifully carved door adorned with various carvings and inscriptions not close enough for me to decipher.

I stood and waited for the remainder of whatever was to manifest to do so. When nothing else came into view, I returned my attentions to the door, curious as to its meaning. When at last my curiosity was surpassed by my slight annoyance at such a banal significance… the door opened very slowly.

Again I waited for something further to develop.

Nothing did.

And that was the point…

“Doors are being opened for you,” was literally the message I was receiving. It was so simple- so direct. Grateful, I thanked the cosmos and proceeded to go about my life. I understood its meaning. Knew that things in this case would soon begin to pop and perhaps movement on the book could earnestly begin as well. Patient, understanding that the cosmos does not work on dog years…I went back to life with a keen eye towards the future.

The future came 24 hours later!

A door has opened, Grim.

The next night, comforted and validated by the first interpretation, I asked for another message. That night another came through. Three nails falling from the sky. This one I shall have to think about. The nails may be symbolic of several things, but the act of three falling?

Now that makes perfect sense… doesn’t it, Grim?

The farmer…

The muddy boots…

And you!

The three falling.

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