For every night I have kept company with restless ghosts…


I awoke early this morning and spent some time in the chill of dawn, watching the sun try to bleed its way through the thinned gauze of fog that blanketed the lake and it eased my soul. Yesterday was profound and my brain lie exhausted in bed last night, yet refused to shut down and kept me up most the night. The process of this relationship builds and strains with each discovery. As you know I have had lingering questions about the key players in this and some feeble ties to segues that begged for more support and informational infrastructure. Yesterday brought clarification to some issues and like the fog outside my window…ambiguity to others.

When I began this adventure, I had no idea where it would take me. It has been both blessing and curse for I have met wonderful people, shared incredible bonds and in the same stroke learned of others and their despicable deeds. The scales have tipped to and fro several ties each day between empathy and antipathy and my heart continues to break on a daily basis; for in deed there are innocents sprinkled amongst the guilty and they walk amongst the shadows of the dead unaware. Still, that does not negate the fact that Julie was an innocent too…only six at the time and that is the innocence I must remember that must be championed in this cause.

On January 26th, I celebrated the passing of my mother. Celebrated you say? Yes-celebrated. If for no other award than this…I am grateful to Charley. This unprecedented relationship between Charley and myself has taught me that I have not lost the bond between my earthly mother and father… I simply needed to learn the shorthand of the dead and be blessed with the gifts of another human whom I cherish beyond comprehension… my dear friend, R.

Through her hands I have held my mother’s again. Through her eyes, I have seen my father’s and through her heart…I have found my truest friend in all the ‘worlds’— Charley Covington. I know you think this book should dance upon the edge of a paranormal pin and dip and dive in and out of the debauchery of a clandestine few… and trust me- it will deliver on all those points. But this is about his voice in my life as much as it is about my voice in his death and it will take you inside both head and heart and leave you breathless for the depth and beauty of the exchange.

One of my interviewed once confessed to knowing things and made the conscious decision to keep his/her silence to protect those that would come after. In my eagerness to solve this case, I rushed to judgments- condemning the fool for obstruction of justice. Now, this person had a dog in the fight so to speak, so perhaps altruism was not his/her strongest ploy… Still, I now walk that fine line myself and while I acknowledge that it is my solemn duty to share what information’s can be shared with those who can effect true remedy… I too now carry the burden of discovery and drag the shackles of both obligation and honor across the floors of compassion, as I pace between the publication of someone’s personal heaven and hell.

Is this part of my lesson? To parse and piece the fragments of others souls? I am not judgment itself- though I become the courier of such through the medium of this process.

Do not think that this task has not taken a toll upon its narrator, for I too was once an innocent. Innocent before I opened Hazel’s journal. Innocent before I read the media hype, before I made the first call or drove the first mile.

For every night that I have kept company with restless ghosts and shared my days with their unending nightmares, I too deserve the gift of final resolution.

6 Responses to “For every night I have kept company with restless ghosts…”

  1. Ron Bowdoin Says:

    WOW! you are getting to the nitty gritty of it now, I see. I can’t wait to read all the answers to my questions and answers, to see if I was on the right track. I will kinda hate for this to end as I have had a great couple of years following this and you. Having grown up during this time in the area and knowing the people is kind of scary. You know what I mean. Also exciting. If you need someone to ever do investigations for you on any of your books just give me a call. My number is 2292633112. I would love to work on something like this. The ulimate cold case. I included my number just incase you may want to employ me in some of your present or future adventures and books, wherever they may take place. I know this will come to an end soon and I hate to see that but I am also glad for those that need closure.

    Take care and be safe.

    Ron, retired Law Enforcement Officer

  2. Bonnie Giles Says:

    I fill with anticipation and cannot wait for Uncle Charley’s true story to finally be revealed and those that did this horrible thing to be exposed. You are the best TA. As I lay at night with your blogs going through my mind ( so much for you to validate, so many lose ends to tie up) that I can’t help but feel your excitement and anticipation as you start to complete closure. However, I too don’t know what I will do when it comes to an end. I have lived on the edge waiting for another clue to manifest and then finally the answer to be revealed for the past two years. What will I do now!!! I will rejoice for Aunt Hazel, Uncle Charley, Julie, and Mike and you TA for all of you are one now. I will be thankful that the evil ones have been exposed and made accountable for what they did back in the 60’s.
    Just think if they did this what else did they get away with. What about the Agent from Florida that was murdered in Valdosta and found in a hotel? He was following a lead too! There was a lot of people in Valdosta that thought they were the “Untouchables” but you have proved otherwise. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  3. Brownstone Literary Works Says:

    Stay tuned…Charley is not finished yet!

  4. Bonnie Giles Says:

    Oh! My!! Buckle my seat belt and pull it tight!! “Let’s Roll” Uncle Charley.

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