It is now 11:11 am…



It is now 11:11 am.

Sitting in my new kitchen with coffee hot, the water outside my window lies still and serene. Sip after sip, I take in the new scenery and watch a Morning dove who has taken to the rail of the front porch as roost. Like me, she winks between slumber’s pull and daylight’s demands and I am reminded of a similar bird that used to visit the farm just after my mother had passed. A bird I referred to as Angel.

While this bird could not be the same…she brings a calm and order to my breathing. Perhaps she is a reminder that I am being cared for from afar and today that would be necessary, for there are clouds building on the horizon. The shoreline yawns and stretches like a small child who turns in his sleep and there is little current in the wake of dawn and the water waits as I for the approaching tempest and irritation of its calm.


I am prepared…

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