“So long! And… thanks for all the fish!”

Today will be one for the books.
To be specific, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams.

Oh, let’s just say something about going fishing… dolphins… the cosmos…and the famous tag line—“So long! And… thanks for all the fish!”
Well, the other day I set out my pole. This morning I reeled in a fish! And quite a necessary fish to boot. You see, sometimes you know things without knowing that you know them. Even worse, you suspect you are right about someone or something, but cannot prove it until low and behold… someone drops a Mackerel in your lap the size of a 1966 Volkswagen and you are validated!
Well, today I got that Mackerel; albeit a dead Mackerel, but a Mackerel nonetheless and that makes me smile! Why? Because at 6:47 this morning, Charley and I had a little chat. As the drizzle began to glaze the landscape and blur in the darkening clouds, I ran through a sequence of recent events and asked why it is that with so much completed… I hang on the last two chapters of this thing as though I am afraid to commit to the ending.

To be sure they are outlined and for the most part fleshed… but there has been something holding me back from completing the sequence.

Now I have been doing this long enough to know when my subconscious is stalling me. I also know when a segue needs another brick or two for support, so in the interest of waiting on another brick…I asked for a few resolutions to some annoying loose ends and he asked for a little faith.A little meditation, a wonderful bucolic ride and half a cup of coffee later… I had my answer. The time the clock rolled over to 8:30, I had resolution and he had my undying faith.

All in all it has been a very good morning for fishing! Don’t you just love that about the weather? One day sun, one day rain… some days not good for fishing and some days you just can’t beat those suckers off the hook!
So, here’s to a great day of fishing!
Jump in Grim… the water’s warm. In fact…it’s so warm, it’s beginning to boil!
I’d say, it’s time for a bit of a FISH FRY!!!

2 Responses to ““So long! And… thanks for all the fish!””

  1. Lizard Says:

    I may have info.

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