Charley never disappoints…


Yesterday I saw a feather…

This morning as I was driving, I was suddenly reminded of a scene from the movie, The Field Of Dreams about how (Moonlight Graham) Doc’s wife Alicia always wore blue and folks in town always put blue hats in the windows, because they knew if Doc walked by and saw them… he would buy one of them.  In the scene, the writer character, Terrance Mann sat quietly taking notes and listening as the man beside him coddled a beer and then continued…

“…They said when they cleaned out his office after he died; they found shoe boxes full of blue hats he never got around to give her. I bet you didn’t know that, did you?” the man on the bar stool queried.

“No.” said Terrance Mann as he finished his memo and then closed his notebook, smiling. “I didn’t.”

I thought about that for a moment as fence post after fence post invaded my peripheral vision, wondering why Charley would have wanted me to think about that.   I parsed the epiphany for about five seconds before it hit me…hats! Where else had I heard about someone similar to Doc Graham who had an affinity for hats?

Go back into your notebooks T.A., Charley whispered… way back! Think!! And I did…


Thanks for the feather, my dear friend. You never disappoint!

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