The pendulum has already swung …


I woke early this morning to disgruntled sounds of dogs needing use of the outside facilities. Once the walk was completed and all returned to the house…I noted that someone had stolen the lake and in its place, huge cotton balls of fog meandered the once visible shoreline. Like the victims in this case who visited the other night, only the boat was clear and all else a blur of pink tinted gauze. By 9:17 all the haze had burned away and the opposite shoreline emerged, complete with requisite cabins and dwelling just as they had been the night before. The full moon had been brilliant last night, the stars equally showcased and it felt as though I had run a marathon. Yesterday many things happened and it was as though the veil had been torn and all the small tid bits of information that had fallen from the shelf like dust began to mesh together.

The large shiny car, the Ferris wheel, the pickled peaches and a necklace which sank to the bottom of the lake.

The clarity of the moon, the fog of the morning…both a metaphor for recent events.

How do I appeal to you? How do I ask you all to give up the charade of innocence and ask you to join in the culmination towards justice? You who read this with clever eye and concealed lips have much to say- much to share. I have given you the frame. I have painted the canvas with broad strokes, shaded and created shadow and margin. I have outlined and outlived lies that have worn thin like the shirts upon their feeble backs.

Their bodies are now betraying them…their consciences run ramped confused in the maze of their twisted and contorted truths. I cannot ask you any more plainly than this.

Confess. Confess it all or confess at least as much as you know.

The pendulum has already swung and its speed is swift and its course predetermined.

Do it… do it now before the striking edge cuts through the best of intentions and leaves you hanging in the lurch.

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