Justice is coming…


Why so silent she asks? Why have we not heard from you of late?

Timing my dear friends… timing.

Time to turn within and to write what I have learned. Not just about Charley, but about myself and those I share this life with. Time to walk the edges of this experience and polish it without white-washing it, so that you might feel the reality of what was felt. Time to tell the truth… the truth about what I know and what I can prove.

Time to be patient and time to let others step forward and fill the final holes. I am but one person, one heart, one mind and while R and I have done an exceptional job of piecing together a puzzle that took 46 years to hide from the world- I must now stand back and let others put in the final pieces. Each one of you who reads this knows. Each one of you, who has helped along the way and placed their piece within the puzzle knows there are only a few spaces left unfilled.

You know who you are who must fill them.

The farmer in the dell who waits for death and the son who watches the scales of justice tip and hedges his bets

The latent ___________that knows naught the things they know and breathes with limited air

The Born Again Christian, with no Christ in his veins to comfort or save him

The man with the private eyes, who is blind to himself

The attorney who knows the laws, but does not abide by them

To those who sat back and allowed them their comfort and aided in their lies. The work is no longer mine to do- the work is yours. I have but a few chapters left to write in this book and while the story begins in the dark… each of those of you who have walked a similar path know that in order to appreciate the dawn we must suffer the darkness of the night.Here’s to the last few chapters… the waking of your souls and you’re stepping into the light beside me.

There may be quiet for a time. Things may seem to progress more slowly- but they are not. The hands on the clock move just the same whether you watch them or not, but keep your ears to the ground. Keep your eyes on the papers. Watch and listen for the pale rider rides… Can you not hear his hoofs in the sand as he rides to you, dear Grim? Mr. Einstein…can you not see the black hole in the universe coming behind him- searching for you to swallow you whole?

Each day that passes is not another day you two got way with murder… it is another day closer for justice to be served. Your collective days are numbered, not by me but by those in the universe who have marked your hour and it fast approaches. Shuffle your money from here to there, Grim… hide your scars under make-up and glasses. Bind your tongue and zip your pants Mr. Einstein…your sins have already been tallied. It will not matter how hard you try to hide. Justice will see you both naked before the year is through.

Justice is coming…

The book is coming… and even though the names will be changed… your fates will not!

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