You have but 6 days…


You’re time is running out Grim.

I will be speaking to another individual that Charley, Jessica and Roxanne appear to quite often. They have news and more confirmations for me.

She has already confirmed that Jessica was pregnant when she was murdered…but then you knew that. So technically, you are now potentially culpable for 6 murders: Charley, Jessica, her baby, Roxanne, the MOT and Mr. Bugman. Jessica and her baby came first. That’s why the bloody shovel and the compass.  Next came Roxanne. Roxanne, you claimed was a drowning victim. Isn’t that what you called it the night you were there with your twirling lights as they pulled the bloated and bruised body from the water? Why is it then that Miss M says she heard from reputable sources they found no water in her lungs? Because she was strangled before you and the others dumped her in the lake? You sly dog! You knew that nobody could afford to champion the cause of a local prostitute…at least not until me. That was your mistake. You underestimated me from the start.

And what of Charley? You told me directly that you were there…you said you wiped his face with toilet paper from your car. Funny…Charley says you used your sleeve and that you had blood on it- his blood. Both you and the other man who had made a deal with G- that’s why one of you had to go home and change shirts and the other had to go home and take a bath!

Am I making you nervous? Does your wife remember that night? What lie did you tell her? That you were moving a deer from the road? Or that you were there, holding Charley in your arms as he passed?


You didn’t are too much about Charley one way or the other. But he knew things- found out what you all were up to and you could not allow him to go public. So you followed orders and made a little cash on the side. Maybe cash you now use to build that spunky little house of yours. Or could that be from the drugs or the guns? I get so confused…porn, drugs, guns…counterfeit money. It all gets so fuzzy for me now. But just wait till the fog clears and we start talking details and not generals. There will be no hope for you. Each day you take longer to tell the truth- I will drop another clue and folks will start to piece it together. You won’t be able to go anywhere. Your wife will look at you differently… if she doesn’t already.

Go ahead, make that call. You will have a better chance to navigate this thing with truth upfront.

If you wait too long, the book will tell the tale and you will have no defense…no recourse…no place to hide and no excuse- not that there can ever be one. No make-up will cover that scar or your lies. Today we are just shy of 47 years– come Sunday for Roxanne and next Wednesday for Charley. I know. I’m so excited that another psychic is stepping to the plate. I can’t wait for that call!

What will Roxanne have to tell her? What more can she show me that I do not know?

Ok… everyone has a little homework to do! I want you all to look up the Hyoid bone. Roxanne’s is broken. How did that happen, Grim? And who won the coin toss? Three sets of hands on her throat…but only 1 person won the toss. Who was it? You? Einstein? The pipe smoker?

Ahhhh…yes. Roxanne said you were there. Everyone had her hands on her throat and it was the pipe smoker who first snapped! The MOT watched in horror, but you? Nah… deep down you’re a bad boy. You like that kind of stuff.

Does your wife know that about you? Does she suspect what happened in those bedrooms at the Red________? Eventually she will know. I’m told the book will make it into her hands. Someone will tell her it has to be you- and that someone will be right! She’ll read…she’ll know. You can hide from me, but you can’t hide from her. Deep down she already knows you did things; she’s just closed her eyes for so long she’s become blind. But Karma has its own agenda.


You have but 6 days to do

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