If you have any information…


We are getting  close the final editing stage of the book. If you have information you need me to know or if you have other information that you think might be helpfull to plugging other holes…or, if you just want answers to questions you have long pondered… you know how to contact me. Just hit the contact/comment box at the end of this entry and it will find me.  I will always listen. I may not tell you all that I know just yet, but I can help you understand if your information is peripheral or spot on.

Do not let Charley down.. do not let yourselves down, Valdosta. Many of you have stepped forward , still… some of you wait in the shadows hoping others will do your work for you. If you know something-STEP FORWARD. I will keep your confidence. History is not only be written here- it is being re-written to reflect the truth of what I believe happened out there on the Clyattville-Nankin Road that night of October 9, 1966. There were many players in this. Some dead- some still alive. They know who they are and so do I. Soon the world will know of them too.

Stay tuned…

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