What looks like a card, but kills like a…


The book has finally made it through the first critical edit. One more review over the holidays and then off to the agent. Why am I waiting to rip into it again? Because I am watching and waiting to see what will happen on the 12th. Charley said it was significant. G came through last month and said it was significant. It has to do specifically with this case, so I will wait and see what transpires.

I was once told about an accident… how someone might get severely hurt- but not killed. Maybe that is the day of their reckoning. I also was told about a day when Grim would be caged into a corner; now here to run… no where to hide.

They showed the son of the farmer in a room- a light flashing on and off- symbolic of the interrogation.

I beg of you all. Stop the madness. You cannot win in this case. You know I am right. Even now you ask yourselves; How can she know these things? I will tell you again about he man who washes his bloody hands in the lake- the girl who lies in another watery grave with a twisted neck- another who lays in the soil and wonders what happened to her beautiful face.

The bloody shovel. The compass.

How much more do you wish me to spill here, Grim? Shall I post your call numbers as well? Tell the world about the twirling lights above the water’s edge as you stand with the man in the camel colored coat and monogrammed shirts, while you two pretend to feel bad for the lost lamb who floats below you?

Let’s talk about the word O.S.T.R.I.C.H. my man. Shall we tell Valdosta what that really stands for? Are you ready to go public yet? You thought ‘your man’ could protect you, but dead does you no good now… does it? So sad. S_____ will roll downhill on this one. Of course there is one still alive who knows of your plight. His partner in crime; so to speak. My, my… how the mighty fall. Once they ruled the entire state…now they contemplate their tainted legacy from behind a small desk in a corner.

Are you really ready to play this game, Grim? Do you really think that I will not call you out by name? I’ve always been a risk taker. You know what they say: ‘You reap what you sew.’ It is now time for your harvesting to begin.

Let me lay out the first card:

7 of Spades

You are a clever man- what does that little phrase say to you? The number… the item?


Cause and manner of death.

Clue: What looks like a card, but kills like a weapon?

(I’ll give you a hint: ask Jessica.)

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