The morning after…


There were many moments yesterday when I stopped to ask the universe for whatever message it saw fit to send. I promised to be open if it promised to impart. Beyond the message of the early morning, there were ample number sequences, several very different and interesting articles, plus a feeling of anticipation. The message yesterday morning was curious at best.  But if I were to chance a guess, it would be that they were referring to a certain individual who fits the spirit of the description. This person has information he has held within his heart for decades. He was young at the time…naive and forgiving. He knows someone he loves was involved. He knows this person is now nearing completion and while he wishes to keep him safe- his greater wish is that he cleanse his soul before his departure.

Last night the only image I had was of a winged creature that hovered just above and behind a very tall and foreboding gate. The landscape was barren; winter like and yet there was no sense of color… no light… no white… nothing but dull grays and browns. Upon closer inspection, the winged creature which I first ascribed to angel suddenly changed. It became skeleton like and haunting and flew to the gate and raged behind it- clinging to the bars and screeching. It is safe to assume by virtue of darkness and lack of illumination, these were not the gates of heaven.

Was this vision meant for me… or for the one who waits with information and continues to delay his own salvation? We have spoken before. Without your even knowing you have been of great help to me in deciphering the clues of this case. You were there that night. He was there that night- but before you.  You did not know that at the time. That he had set you up as pawn. Think back…What was in the lunchbox? What did you see? What does he not know- that you know now in hindsight? Your spouse continues to caution: Tell the truth, tell the truth. Heed her wisdom.

If you are reading this…then know that now is the time to step forward. Take a minute and think about what this will mean for his soul; not just for the seconds before he leaves- but for the eternity that follows such a passing. Can you not let go of the fleeting illusion of respect? The book will come out, no matter your course. Do you wish for him the same as the shooter who now spends his eternity washing Charley’s blood from his hands? Blood  that can never be removed?

I do not wish to punish the innocent, so please do not place yourself as collateral upon an altar that was not built for your sacrifice. Remember; knowledge of, is as defenseless as deed. If you know and you do not tell- then you shall bare the same shame as he. Youth can be forgiven; ignorance can be overlooked. Intentional leaves you without merit.  You will become as guilty as the man who met Charley that night with G. The man who used a cheese cutter to lacerate the arms of the innocent and threaten the family. How much more do you wish me to tell before you come to your senses?

Do not be foolish thinking heaven has not seen what he has done. Do not be foolish thinking you will be able to forget it when you can no longer see his sad eyes and beg for his salvation. Do this now, while time is on your side…while things are still within your control. Later, fate will take the reins and then all shall be without recourse.

You know who you are. You know who he is. Contact me and I can get you to the right person to hear his confession.

The clock is ticking. You know it, I know it, he knows it and so does God. Do not delay.


Children’s nursery rhymes


The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell….Hi ho the merry-oh…


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