Happy New Year Charley!


Wow!  How crazy does it feel to write that?

Even more… how crazy does it feel to finally get to tell you that it is done! The book is finished. Really finished and I am at peace with what has been written, discovered and what will continue to unfold from its writing.

I will most likely write more later, but for now?

Happy New Year to all those who have kept pace with this case, counseled me as to how to investigate it, cushioned me from its dangers and comforted me as it continually broke my heart.

For you dear Charley…

For you dear Julie…

For you dear Roxanne…

Fir you dear Jessica…

For you dear MOT…

And even for you dear G… this has been written.

Thank you dear R and thank you to me for never giving up.

Happy New Year dearest Charley- I promise you it will be!

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