Regards and regrets…


Somehow the weather seems fitting today; quiet and sullen it drools in between the lips of a cloud.

Life sometimes grants us moments of great pause and it is our duty and obligation to respect them for what they are.  This calling- or obsession as it were-has gifted me many things. It has tried me on a daily basis and it has governed my every waking moment since its introduction. To those who arm chair quarterback about another’s efforts, remember…

It’s not easy to put yourself out there…to dance on the head of a pin every day and hope that you get each step right- or even that if you get a few wrong there will be another day to crawl back up and dance again. That being said, I seem to be in some sort of holding pattern. Information continues, though it is harder to find its placement among the many things that litter my day.

Work is as always and school has already begun, so I have a full docket that no longer allows for the wallowing all day in and out of clues and impressions and indeed, this suits me fine for the moment. The book is done and so all that is left is the fine tooth of the editor to whip her way through it and help me bring further polish to its finish. Now minus many pages-her job should be easier. So that you know; the names of most folks have been changed and the places they haunted somewhat less. In the end, you will recognize who you recognize and you will not, who you do not. In your own mind you will try those you suspect and release those whom you pardon and all of this will take place within your mental courtrooms. Why? Because it is no longer my job- to be judge and jury for you.

As you read though it dear friends, understand that this book is about a very personal journey. A journey that has taken 4 years of my life and continues even now to own my soul. A journey that brought powerful meanings and powerful mentors to my life. It is about the journey of discovery. Discovery of Charley- his life and his death. The players that have affected its outcome and its abridgement.

The term, Historical Fiction in this case is essential, as it explains that even though it is based on an actual event – a great deal lies within the lines of supposition and conjecture. Where I can document fact I will, where I can make a leap of faith- I must. In the end it is what I believe happened according to my experience and my exposure to more facets of this case than dare I say many of you still alive will ever know or possibly even admit to.

In the end you must understand that this is a story about a man whose family aches to find peace. To right the wrongs unjustly thrust upon them one cold night in October of 1966. Do I speak for the family? No- I speak for myself in this book, though my sentiments are much the same as theirs. Can I prove everything proffered in this book – only time and the conscience of the killers will tell.

Remember though…what is not discovered in this lifetime will be proclaimed and suffered through in the next. If what I saw in my dream that night was the soul of a woman fighting to evolve and depart her earthly trials to escape the damnation of her decent- then God help those that are naive enough to think that shelter in this life affords them innocence in the next. This I know- this I have learned. There is life after death- there is love after loss and there is proportionate consequence for unkind actions committed without contrition.  What else I know is for me to ponder and for you to discover for yourselves. As to the truth or the lie of what happened to Charley Covington that night will be for you to decide and it is a blessing and a curse as some of these people still walk and worship among you.  Take care in what you say and to whom. Be mindful of what you think and express.  Many who are guilty will appear just as innocent as you and many who are innocent will be forced to walk beneath a shadow of doubt for their unknowing associations.

They say ‘justice is blind.’ In this case, that rings true but not for the equality of what you think. Until this case is brought to light- justice remains blind.

You will forgive me then if I no longer share further information with you about this case, unless there presents a dire need. You already have enough to wade through and I must be on about my way to work on another.

Regards and Regrets,



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