Just a silly little question…


Just a silly little question…someting that still bothers me. Charley thought I might want to know the answer so I’m gonna ask.

Who lost a tooth the night of October 9, 1966? Someone who was there that night… someone who fought with Charley. Think people think. Somewhere on the front row- a tooth went missing- from the top I believe.

Just saying…dental records would be an awesome place to start looking! I know you were there that night Grim- but I’m fairly certain it wasn’t you that lost the tooth. I’ve seen them. So who was it?

Let’s see… who else?

Mr. Muddy Boots?

Mr. Farmer in the Dell?

G’s boy toy?

How about the shooter?

See, the thing I love is that while you can run and you can hide…history and history books will always follow you. Pictures of you in places you never thought would ever give your secret away. Candid photos, newspaper articles, church directories, social gatherings, weddings, funerals…driver’s licenses, photo ID’s for work. Gosh- that’s a lot!

Who knew?

Don’t you just love when a murder mystery comes together??? I do!

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