To know that I control nothing…


So, today has two number 13’s in it. Significant? Yes…you figure out why.

The 10th indeed brought great things- not all will be shared today for very obvious reasons. One wonderful thing did happen which I can share with you…I became a publisher! I have decide that while it would be fine to go through traditional publishing avenues- those avenues are so clogged these days with indecision and subjective rhetoric that maybe the truth should not get bogged down in other people’s agenda’s and academic and fiscal angst.

Therefore, this web site will soon be listed as: Brownstone Literary Works, LLC.

Am I stoked? You betcha! Why is this the best move? Because most publishing houses today are paralyzed by the onslaught of digital reading. They do not know what to do, so they do little to nothing.  I have not worked for 4 years to do – nothing. Also, they will want to own the rights to my intellectual work. Why? Because if there is a profit to be made…they get to make it.  Say for instance, Grim gets his wish to be in the movie. If I let somebody else negotiate that deal- they get the money and Grim may not get his close-up and that would be a crime! (No pun intended.) Because we all know, I have every intention of letting him get his close-up and take full credit for his actions. Now, in the beginning- Grim was all hot to trot about the idea of a book and a movie deal about Charley. Why? Because he thought he would get to play the hero in it. But, see… that was way back in the start- 4 years ago to be precise, when he thought his status would protect him. Well, we have all learned quite a bit about our dear Grim since then– haven’t we?

We learned that sometimes friends in low places, often have friends in high places. We also learned that tampering with a crime scene is well…Gosh Grim, maybe not the brightest idea you have ever had. We also learned that client/attorney privileges only work if both of you  are still alive. Ouch! Bet they didn’t show you that little nugget of information in the fine print, did they? See, that’s what I love about the discovery process.

The discovery process…what’s that again?

Well, that’s where you screw up Grim, and I get to discover how badly! I just love that part of the equation. But let’s get back to the publishing thing. See, here’s the real deal. If I wait too long- folks will stop reading this. But if they know it might be just a couple of months- or maybe even just a couple of weeks now…Well, that oughta perk them right back up!

Now…somebody from your town once said they felt that many of the readers may not be old enough or smart enough to figure things out the Who’s Who in this directory of murderers. But I disagree. On the contrary- I absolutely count on you all to figure these things out. Why? Because, if I am wrong -you can correct my errors. But if I am right? You will finally know the truth about the people who walk among you. You will start to remember things…piece things together…add up the numbers and look at your history without the rose colored glasses of the lies they all told you – the lie that said folks died from self-inflicted wounds.

Seriously, can you really shoot yourself through the chin once and then through the back of your head one right after the other? Pretty much, one shot would do it. C’ mon, Grim. You insult my readers’ intelligence when you propose that kind of nonsense. Still, he got away with it. You all bought that tub of crap 46 years ago when they first presented it. Did you know that Charley’s DEATH CERTIFICATE still reads SUICIDE? Ahhhh…but this book should change that. In fact, this book should change just about everything.

Now I have said this before and I will say it again… I’m sorry. This book will not be intentionally unkind- but truth cuts both ways. So, I am sorry for the lives that have been changed- the lives that are about to be changed and the lives that will never be changed because it is already too late- they are already dead. That being said; please understand the value of Karma. Karma in and of itself is neither good nor bad- it is merely the universe trying to re-establish a sense of balance. Karma is very much the essence of the sensitive volley between the scales of justice. Each act we commit places a tiny weight on the scale. It is not up to me which side of the scale it has fallen onto- for you see…I have no power. This book is not about power. This book is not about condemnation or absolute admiration for we are all each pieces of one another and share in the contributing weight. What I condemn in another I must therefore condemn in myself and so forth. What I cherish in another is the same fragility which I embrace in myself.

This book is about balance…about loss and gain. It is about a man who died…a man who left behind a wife and a family that have been cursed with the lies about his death that have now been told for over 46 years. The universe has placed me in this exact space and time that I might adjust Charley’s scale, while adjusting my own.

So what is this book really?

This book is my Karma… not just Grim’s.


You shouldn’t be. Think about it. If it is Karma that the ‘four in flannel’ be called out and asked to explain their crimes…why would it not be my Karma to help wield the hand of justice to prompt such?

That’s right. Perhaps in another life I watched an injustice and did nothing and someone died because I did not get involved. Or maybe it was I who was murdered and this is now my Karma to be on the other side and to understand the real peril of getting involved…to appreciate the weight of what I do this day…to know that doing nothing makes me as guilty as those who committed the crime, but to do something places me in the path of criticism and danger. To know that I control nothing but my own actions…that whatever grievance I may have committed upon another in another life, I am now being asked to make amends in this one.

You see Grim…just as Charley and I are forever…you and I are bound to one another throughout eternity for whatever reason the universe has seen fit to anoint. I would not be here to help right a wrong if indeed I had not been on the other end other stick at another time and helped commit one. In this life I have need of learning a lesson left unlearned in the last. Ok, let’s break this down a bit for those of you who like to keep your faith and universal understanding on a diet.

Take for instance, in an Edgar Casing type regression reading; I have learned that long ago I was once one of the pious and self-righteous zealots who persecuted women in the Salem Witch trials…for being witches. I– a woman who embraces all things ethereal and esoteric did such a thing? Impossible you say! Nobody is a greater champion of the God given gift of psychic ability than I…no one more grateful for the connection to those who have passed on…no one who has more cherished this experience which has rocked me to the very core of my being and yet…why else was I chosen?

Who else would be a better person for the universe to have selected to champion a victim than a converted aggressor? According to a reading…in a past life, I may have helped or watched without concern as others were put to death. Others being, people like R. In this life, I have learned now to admire, revere and bend at knee to learn from her wisdom and her clarity in divinity. This is my Karma- to make amends…to tell that community of seers and earth-angels that I- out of ignorance and insecurity in another life made my intellectual and academic faith superior to their gifts and in such a state of evolution naiveté- committed or stood idle as these women were  tortured and and put to death out of fear that it was not I that was special in the yes of God- but they.

Fear is a horrendous act of: False Evidence Appearing as Real.


In that life I was fearful. In that life I killed what I did not understand, rather than embrace it. In this life, I have learned to embrace the unknown- the unseen- to have faith. In this life I now seek their guided counsel, desperate like a blind man lost in a great desert- without water-tortured with unquenchable thirst for their knowledge and their peace… I follow their every lead and trust.

All this to say…murder is not the total sum of my experience through this adventure. As always, water will seek its own level. Knowledge will take hold only in the most fertile of minds…truth will balance the scales when you least expect it to and Karma will decide how it is dispensed and the appointed hour approaches.

I am just the messenger… the quill upon the parchment.

Just as the Grim Reaper has been charged as the harbinger of death, so too the cosmos has charged me to be the harbinger of Karma. And that means, my dear friends, that the veil of opportunity for redemption thins dramatically the closer we get to  publication.

That being said, you have been forewarned.

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