Your first clue begins with…


Dear Valdostans,

I cannot tell youhow many feathers have crossed my path of late or the number of times I have heard my angel song in the last few days.  That being said, you can rest assured that there are a great deal of things going on behind the scenes.  I cannot tell you everything here. Remember, even though the book is out there now- it is still an open investigation for me and with the book’s publication, many are stepping forward with more information to help me close the gaps between what I know to be true and what I can prove ina court of law. For all of you I am grateful.

I can tell you to look to the coming season for events and movement on this case.

The leaves will begin to turn next moth, people will begin to focus on things other than their summer vacations and one by one they will begin to return to the book for clues…clues about the murders. They will both question and notice things they had overlooked before. Places that the book talks about are simple enough to figure out. Specific locations where bones of certain folks may be still subdued by silt or soil. Memories will surface just like their suspicions about local lords that ran roughshod over the simpler folk back then. Relatives who went missing, or relocated for no apparent reasons and they will scratch their heads. Could the book be true?

Everything that was written in the book was experienced or shared by those who either experinced it or knew those that did. My truth is my truth- their truth is your evidence. So ask yourself a few questions before you pass the book on to others to read, or dismiss the supposition that brings this all to light.

What were you doing in the summer of 1966?

What were others doing in 1966?

Who were your friends?

Who were your parents friends?

What did they whisper about after you went to bed at night?

Who hid the newspapers from you after the law had , had their say and ditated their truth as fact?

What names were hushed between Friday night bar rooms and Sunday morning vespers?

Who was sleeping with who and who never had the guts to call them out for it?

How many days does it take to investigate a murder and who in the Sam Hill ever beleived it was a suicide? How do you shoot yourself twice in the head? Isn’t a little hard to die…twice?

More importantly- how does law eneforcement explain why all the witnness statements were taken two weeks after the death/murder and why did they all read the same thing? I can’t get 4 people in a room to identify the same shade of green on my curtains… but ATF, GBI, FBI, VPD and LCSD in 1966 could get everyone involved on a rainy night to see the same thing, at the same time, in the same way and still agree to what was written after all this time? I have a clue for you my dear readers…they don’t!

Your first clue begins with the fact that nobody ever talked about the rain that night. You get a speeding ticket now-a-days and the Judge knows what color underwear and perfume you had on while driving that day or night. Yet- only in Valdosta can you find a dead man in the middle of the road with two bullet holes in his head; photograph the two large pools of blood near his head and yet not notice that they are neither connected to the body- nor to each other and yet still have the audacity to call it an obvious suicide and clsoe the case in 18 days.

I can’t get the cable company to come out to my house in 18 days and yet they could canvas an entire county and declare this man’s death as suicide?

It is everything I can do not to call you out by name Grim… you and your fellow henchmen. But I will bide my time and wait. Eventuall y it will get so uncomfortable fo ryou to live in your house or go to the store that CONFESSION is your only option. So I ask you this Valdosta- don’t believe me? Don’t believe the book? Start asking the papers and the law enforcement departments about the folks who were involved that night at the scene of the crime. Hind sight is 20-20 baby and the last 47 years have afforded these men and woman the chance to show their true colors. Don’t let latent good deeds fool you. Tigers don’t change their strikes, but they can change their locations after a kill. Ask questions of your neighbors… your grandparents… your local officials. Go to the Hitorical Society and ask them about what they know… or don’t know. But don’t stop there- some names of folks involved never made it in to reports or papers…but you may have heard them either drun k or sober talking a blue streak about their being first responders to the scene that night.

And what about the 2 girls?

Who enjoyed the hamburgers, booze and 2 very socially flexible waitresses at the American Legion Club back then? Badges loved them…

Who worked at the Daniel Ashley Hotel in 1966? Were dead bodies in the hotel really that common that nobody took note of the 61 year old man beaten to death in a bed? Wonder why I called him the MOT? Wonder why you can’t recall his REAL name? Let’s look at his DEATH CERTIFICATE too.

Many people went missing in Valdosta in 1966, but I am only interested in 4. Well, actually 5 but you will have to read the book to figure out the fith one.

So who murdered Charley Covington?

And who murdered Jessica?

And who murdered Roxanne?

And why did they murder the MOT?

Valdosta… the answers and the killers are still alive and flourishing within your streets. Do not wait any longer to tell what you know, or what you suspect? Let law enforcement figure out what to do with your information, after the fact- but TALK now.

I got this case re-openend  and I intend to keep it alive until it is finally settled!

Buy the book: THE THIN  GRAY LINE by T.A. Powell and find out what murderers from 1966 still live among you in 2013.

Best Regards,

T.A. Powell

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