You go Valdosta!


So many people are stepping forward to help with new information!

You go Valdosta!!!!!!!!!

Remember- this is for Charley and Jessica and Roxanne, the MOT and countless others who were compromised or killed to keep this conspiracy alive! Let’s do what we can to make it necessary for the courts to finally take action and do what’s right. Keep contacting me folks- we will get this back on the front pages of your Times yet! BTW’s…perhaps we should start looking at putting a chapter or two out here on the blog, to wet your whistles …at least those of you who have not read the book! Here are a few highlights to get you involved.

How do you feel about a former member of the court obstructing justice? Isn’t that what you call it when a judge or an attroney knows this so-called suicide was not a suicide and yet never tells a soul he saw evidence or heard testimony to the otherwise???

Isn’t that  a serious viiolation of his oath to uphold justice? Murder has no statute of limitations in the state of Georgia! Should he, if not an entire nation be reminded of that and his offenses brought to light? And where is the law on this thing? Have I not given them every oppportunity to step to the plate and finsih this themselves? Charley was a Federal Treasury Agent who died in the line of duty and yet…his Death Certificate still reads SUICIDE. Why?

Dear, dear readers…

You have witnesses that have given testimony about evidence… original witnesses who claim their statemets were delayed, not honored or recorded correctly…crime scene photos that tell the truth about blatant negligence and manipulation of evidence…witness testimony who knew intricate details about the murders of these two girls…and the reasons why a man was beaten to death in one of your hotels.

What more do you need Valdosta? Demand that this case be solved! Write the newspaper and call your local authorities- buy them a book if you have to, but get the word out that this case deserves to be solved and the legacy Covington family rewritten. Do your civic duty.

If he were your father…

If they were your daughters, or sisters…



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