It begs us to ask…


Merry Christmas… Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

The holidays began a bit stressful, with finishing off workloads, moving furniture, mountains and attitudes to prepare for the New Year. 2014 will prove to be a hearty year- testing and tough for the first 3-5 months or so; asking us to truly pare down on what we want, need and tolerate. Get rid of the excess and other people’s garbage. This is the effect of Saturn on fixed earth signs in 2014. (We Taureans especially!)

It is asking us:

Is what you are doing, bringing you what you want?

It asks:

Have you taken on something that is not yours to manage? You are not responsible for everything that happens, nor are you responsible to correct everything that happens. Being the task masters- we like t0 fix things, but not everything is meant to be fixed.

It begs us to ask:

Is what is happening really your responsibility? Or is it your spouse’s? Your children’s? Your partner’s? Your boss’s? Your neighbor’s? Your friend’s? Your enemy’s?

If it is not yours…let others clean up their own mess! Be concerned with yourself this year and your personal and spiritual growth.  This 2014 is a 7 universal year numerically; 7 means as above, as below! The bridge between heaven and earth, the seeker who sees what cannot be seen, the thinned veil between the physical and the Source…

Recharge, rest and prepare for the amazing break throughs that are coming down the pike! There are 4 solar eclipses in 2014! Prepare to be amazed, altered and set clearly upon your path. The past will fall away and your life will finally allow you to see it in the rear view mirror and smile. Take pride in what you have achieved in 2013– bless it and then let it go! Everything that is coming your way will be so much better!

New interviews for the next book scheduled…new murders to solve…more victims to serve…more books to write!

I welcome the coming new year as never before!

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