The work on this next book asks of me…


Today will be exceptional. Why?

I awoke with a specific song in my head… numbers were shown to me throughout my slumber… pennies on the ground at my car door… the car that was at the stop sign in front of me as I left the lake,  had a  tag on it with the title embossed in chrome letters which spelled out the name,  “Spirit Walker.”  As if that weren’t enough, when I smiled and turned on the radio, a song was just beginning.  The first line of the song?

“How do you talk to an angel?”

I laughed and said, “Just like this…Good morning angels. How can I be of service today?”

July is a crazy month. As fast as things may have moved forward on day 1, there will be several speed bumps here and there, due to the lingering shadow effects of the waning Mercury retro-grade that has just left the skies- but we are being asked to persist and to recognize that these bumps are short term delays–hiccups– built in to your path, so that you can reassess where you are and edit out things that are still left to be purged. Get rid of past baggage: old worn out patterns, thoughts, emotions and fears–toxic relationships that have held your momentum to move forward back. June signals the end of the first half of the year and July, the better foot forward into the future.

The first half of the month will beckon us to move forward- jump starts us to our true mission. The second half begins to smooth out the rougher edges of our experiences throughout the first half of the year and then picks up speed; almost throwing us into new situations that requires us to stand in our truths, use what we have learned and demands that we plow a new path. A sort of– put up or shut up. We have all asked for certain things and now the universe is telling us, you have learned the skills, honed your intuition- now get out there and use it! The universe is opening doors for us all- so pay attention to the signs and partnerships being offered. And please understand that  the word, “partnership” is not meant to be  construed only as romantic- so do not get blinded thinking if you are already in a relationship that this does not apply to you. Partnerships can be about collaborations-on different kinds of projects,  business dealings or colleagues entwined for a common cause… all these are possible and are coming your way. Do not shy away from challenges out of fear of not being ready. Jump and the universe will catch you.

One of my particular challenges in this, my life harvest cycle, is to work with others and to be more open to collaboration… a true challenge for any Taurus, as we are most comfortable left alone to plow the fields ourselves.

For myself, ( a true Taurean) I am being asked to focus energies on my divine purpose and follow the many signs being placed in my path by spirit…to stand still for a moment both today and in the days ahead to listen to what is being shared… to trust that the process of random information in this case is being presented in the way the universe has divined most necessary for the highest good of all involved…including both victim and killer(s).

Interestingly enough; a specific Tarot reading I prescribe to for Taurus, shows that at the end of this month, I will be asked to make a choice– a very important choice. Though it hints at what it may be about, I am yet uncertain as to how it will apply to me and what it is between or what it all entails. It could be about a life path,  a career path or a project or something altogether different. Information continues to flow, one element- one clue at a time. The puzzle presented in this case is fascinating and alarming. It is hard  not to try to control the situation, steer the ship of this myself. Like all true bulls, I like to plow a  filed with order. Like all other instances in my life- God prefers the order of His design, which to my small purview appears as absolute chaos! So, that is also my challenge–to let God design the “how” the information will unfold and by whom it will come into fruition. My job is just to be open and wait…and watch for more signs.

The work on this next book asks of me a greater understanding of the esoteric than previously required- to dig deeper into the psychology of  a serial killer’s mind and try to understand and navigate his world, his hurts, his anger and his method of release. Unlike the more  primitive motivations of the perpetrators in Charley’s case, there is another layer of pseudo intellectualism to this/these  killer(s) that I must not ignore if I am to recognize all the clues they have left behind.

Knowing that this may be one of those, “put up or shut up” experiences the universe is throwing at me, I have asked Source and spirit to stay at my side. Even an invitation has been mentally mailed out to Charley to accompany me through this new adventure as both guide and comforting companion. I trust that he, along with the victims in this case will continue to speak through R to me and help me find the best way to serve them all.

So, “Hello angels…Hello Charley,  Hello victims, Hello again, R! How about, we make a deal? How about you start up another conversation on this case and I will continue to do my best and keep up with the shorthand of the dead?”

In truth, they have already begun sharing, but I need more to help move this forward as two men I believe to be innocent of the crimes committed in this case, still wait on DEATH ROW.

As I stated before, spirit has been busy at work, dotting my days with all kinds of visual and auditory signs. Take for instance, the Tarot for Taurus in the “challenge position” this month, (according to a specific reading) shows a man ; a King of Cups figure  that appears to have a greater interest into his own interests and intentions this month, than mine. I am to be keenly aware of this energy. Other parts of the reading spoke of  this kind of  shadow archetype as potentially being tied to the “arts.”  (NOTE: Not all arts are about painting, It can be about visual or performing arts…or even the dark arts.) It spoke of how such a person of interest, who bears this shadow side of a King of Cups archetype, may entice me…lure my attentions away to the shadow side of this card. By way of example, the name of Alleister Crowley was mentioned. I was somewhat shocked that out of thin air- this man’s name was chosen, though I shouldn’t have been. Spirit was obviously trying to get my attention, so I continued to listen.

Moments later in that same reading, the history of the Tarot was highlighted. Again, my ears perked! This reading spoke about the origins of the Tarot;  the secret occult of The Golden Dawn was mentioned- nay, credited for the salvaging  and protection of  the Tarot during its early underground existence. The OGD was admired for its preservation efforts and for its efforts to return the secretes of the Tarot back into the light of society; once it was deemed safer and more socially acceptable to do so.

Now why do I mention the random occurrence of these two very specific things tucked inside one reading?

Because my dear readers…spirit was throwing me at the wall of discovery and hoping I would stick!  This case is full of the occult influence- namely, Alleister Crowley- not to mention , The Golden Dawn. These are but two energies and associations that flood the veins of this case  and give it oxygen to endure. Several occult influences abide in this case: KGC, the OTO and the OGD.

If you do not know what these stand for…maybe you should consider yourself  lucky.

If not…

Do your homework children…the game is now truly afoot!

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