Last night I pulled several research files …


Last night I pulled out several research files that I have been gathering on the Boston Strangler and crawled into bed with  over 100 pages of gruesome details about the victims and their individual crime scenes.

Now why, you might ask, am I looking at that when I am supposed to be working on the Columbus Strangler case? Because if you took away the names and the addresses of the female victims…they almost read the same. Each suffered horrific tortures before strangulation with similar ligatures, brutal rapes, stabbings for some and yes, burglary type staging of almost all of the crime scenes…even though nothing was ever taken. Curious enough, a few witnesses were able to come forward with their information and told police what they had seen and observed; down to the physical description of a certain person of interest who was sketched from witness statements and interviews.

DeSalvo was a dark headed, large nosed ethnic caricature. Nobody chose him as a positive match. Our POI matched other descriptions that stated:

‘Someone in the hallway… someone who knocked on their door…this person had honey colored hair…thin nose…almond shaped eyes…young white male …approximately 25 years of age and positioned himself as a student in one of the unsuccessful attempts early on. Interestingly enough, this same POI had tied a woman up, saw himself in a mirror and then could not go through with it. Oddly, he apologized… told her to be quiet for 10 minutes so that he could escape and then just before he escaped, he said the strangest thing…

He asked the victim to forgive him and said, please don’t call the police because he would be in so much trouble. He said his mother would never forgive him and would refuse to finish paying for his education. This is IMPORTANT.

Note that he said, “MOTHER”. Why is this so very important? When you read my book, THE HARVEST, (Copyright 2014) you will understand why.  Most people would have said his FATHER would have refused to finish paying for his/her education…but not my POI. He had some very serious reasons why that would never have come out of his mouth. Reasons I cannot share with you at this point.

So let’s take a closer look again at the Boston Strangler case. All but one of the victims murdered, lived and/or worked in the Back Bay area of Boston during that time of terror.

What else was in that same area?

How about the Back Bay Olmsted Gardens?

So what does gardening have to do with tying the two the two serial killings together?

Hmmmm…Columbus. Now that’s a good question, isn’t it? Other than MO’s of the crimes, what else connects these two landmark tragedies in our nation’s history?

The killer.

Guess who else was in the Back Bay area of Boston back in 1964, living and working very close to this area who also lived and worked in Columbus at the same time in 1977/78?

DeSalvo was called the Boston Strangler- but was never tried for the crimes. He confessed to them and then years recanted his confession…awkwardly enough, just before his own murder took place inside the infirmary of  a prison, less than 24 hours before he was about to tell a local psychologist and a reporter a huge secret. Ironically, he was stabbed to death.

Decades later, two different DNA tests told a different story. Using DNA from the final victim and alleged killer, they claimed one was a positive match between victim and DeSalvo and another test of the two DNA collections which proved he was not the killer in that specific murder.

So who do we believe?

What do we trust?

And who is still alive or dead to tell us the truth?

Don’t you just love riddles?

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