Look into the mirror this day …


Today is a powerful day… the day of Lions-gate and the opening of a celestial portal…and a chance to discover the power within you. It is also a day to set your dreams in motion, for 8 is the number of abundance and balance. What is it you want? What is it you desire and are willing to work for? Use this day wisely dear friends as this will set the tone for your life for years to come. Find your personal truth and life purpose and then follow with blind allegiance to where it will lead you. The architect of the universe calls…be well, be happy and be fulfilled with whatever divine path becomes your own.

I know my path and I grow even more devoted and more courageous to follow it everyday. I speak for those who can no longer speak…seek justice for those who have been denied and bring to light those things hidden, for I am a number 7…a seeker of the unknown.

As for this case…it is on fire. I can scarcely keep up with what has been discovered thus far. Remember that I said this case has connections to others? Hold onto your hats children!

Well, the cosmos has decided to step forward and help in a  big way.  A huge break came through last week with a victim from the Boston Stranglings, who has decided to help the victims of the Columbus stranglings’  in their reach for justice. This victim has  now begun to come through and with  such details and anger you cannot imagine. They say Hell hath no furry like an a woman scorned, but that is not true. Hell hath no furry like a woman murdered! What was done to her keeps her suspended in eternal torture and she is desperate for release. She sees your face still…

Your almond eyes, your honey-colored hair, thin nose and pointy chin. She blames Stephen for letting you in. If she hadn’t seen him talking to you… if she hadn’t see you around him, she would have never unlocked that door!  And she has more to share as well.

It amazes me that the idiots that did these killings for the esoteric reasons and rewards of their occult, forgot the very thing they were trying to attain and appease…THE AFTERLIFE!

What, are you that stupid? Did you not think about that? You think because these women are dead they can no longer be heard? You cover your tracks, wear gloves and masks and think because you wiped your ass and cleaned up after yourself that the afterlife is yours without consequence or retribution? You brought judgement upon them, but never thought about the fact that judgement is a two way street?

These women have voices and can be heard across the cosmos, screaming your names and all your sins to anyone that will listen.

And not just your sins, you fools. They are screaming about the details of their murders; details  that will help bring you to justice. Think that they don’t want to see you stand trial for what you have done? Think that because you are old or supposedly dead that the facts will not find their way to amenable ears?

Look into the mirror this day and repeat the same three words you whispered to them, for the Reaper comes and the names upon his scrolls include yours.

Justice comes…prepare yourself!

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