Then came August …

11:11 am


Sometimes the need to write just for the sake of writing is not only desired, but necessary. However, today is not one of those days, so let’s pick up where we left off.

The cosmos said that August  17th would bring something significant and indeed the 17th brought something! They brought it to R and that was important, because I was too intent on writing the book that day to notice. It was about a phone call being made at 3:35 in the morning and waking somebody up with vital information. Shall I share details?  I know you would love that, but for now it shall remain my little secret. Mine and the proper authorities.

What I can share however, is that this year has taken an awkward turn. Everything in the stars talked about future gains, relocations and abundance and the greatest adventure of a lifetime. The months crawled across the pages of my calendar and with each month a I waited patiently for this wonderful something to occur. Winter brought hard work and heartfelt appreciations for the literary and evidential gains from Charley’s story…in a flurry of Spring showers, academics brought greater knowledge, less playtime, but at the end… a reward! As always I celebrate my freedom from scholastics with a night out. Dinner at a local establishment brought me a Chinese fortune that read:

“A golden egg of opportunity falls into your lap this month.”

That was March and it did… the day I was contacted from afar about this case: the Columbus Stocking Strangler.

Then May rolled on through and it was research, research, research. June skipped across the pages of my calendar like a pebble on the lake and brought me more research, photos and puzzles to solve. July dumped a ton of information on my head and buried underneath so much information, I worried I might never see the light of day again. But with a shovel and a pen, I began to piece information together and the road map to another novel appeared before me. Then came August and with determination and drive, the skies broke open and the sun poured in!


Mary Sue and Sophie , that’s why!

One of the most odd pairings in the world and yet they have a common cause- to see their killer identified and brought to light. Yes…I said killer, for in truth- I believe evidence points to the fact that they are one in the same!

Sophie was the 7th victim of the Boston Strangler… the young African American student from Boston who was enrolled at Carnegie. The murdered student that identified her killer from the other side of the veil, as the same man who killed Mary Sue in Columbus decades later. She described his eyes, his hair…everything about him…including a mutual acquaintance named Steven.

So…Boston…what say we look for this student named Steven who knew both Sophie and our visiting killer from Columbus, Georgia.

What’s that? He’s from Columbus?

Hmmmm…yes Columbus by way of California.

So what was he doing in Boston’s Back Bay if he’s from Georgia?

All great students come from somewhere, dear readers.

And when was that you say that he visited Boston and California? Back in the 60’s when the Boston Strangler pretended to be Albert De Salvo? Or was it Albert De Salvo pretended to be the Boston Strangler? Read his poem and you will see his hesitation to commit! Some men will do anything for a cheap shot at money and fame…their attorneys too. Everybody protects somebody in this little triangle. Which brings me to another famous killer…the Zodiac. A killer who walked the alleys of San Francisco and Palo Alto looking for victims to satisfy his need to achieve his alleged state of perfection and esoteric brilliance. So what does one have to do with the other? You will have to read the book to find out, but back to Boston.

Why don’t you tell them why you were in Boston, Mr. Strangler? Cat got your tongue…or is it that you’re finished with all that now and  are just trying to die in peace…again!

They showed R something else that was of interest- even to you Mr. BS.

Your friend…another  old man who used to keep your company. An old man who likes to tuft his ascot along with his ego in the shadows of what he once was… who likes to take long walks and remembers the sweet scent of Autumn in Columbus as the burning papers and documents that could convict him. A man who once burned his youthful lust away in a backyard trash can and danced naked in the moonlight at the thought of his liberation, is now packing his bags…several of them in fact. He is frantic, packing and packing for a trip…he is catching a flight out to the coast. Which coast is that you say?

Why the West Coast, where all the hip old killers hang out and remember the good old days.

People died…at your collective hands and now they have returned to tell your sins.

The NEW AGE has brought gifts to many..intuits, psychics and curious investigators.

Let’s talk DNA boys. It wasn’t a thing back in the day…your day…but it is now. Best thing ever to help heal the wounds of those who mourn the loss of their mothers, daughter, aunts and grandmothers.

The ghosts of these women relive their tortures in eternal horror and pain, but the perfection of time is that it not only heals all wounds, but reveals what once lay hidden…your secrets!

So remember the billboard boys and pray the winds of time keep your past buried- just like the women who now scream your names from the rooftops and the ciphers!

What did that old billboard say?


I trust God…do you?


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