So many clues, so little time!


I do apologize for having not written before this, but academics come first this time of year, then then book…then the blog.

But just so that you know that things are still moving forward, I am very much into the book…Chapter Twenty-Seven to be exact. Can I share with you? Hmmmm…somethings right now must be saved for authorities.

But I can tell you this… while silence is golden, sometimes speaking out will let someone  know just how far you have come. So to the Stocking Strangler and his friend the Zodiac, let just say the the seventh victims have much to say.

She talks about your eyebrows. Why? Because she was focused on the spot in between them as you violated her. She talks about how your glasses kept sliding down your nose as you dry humped your way into history. She had a great deal else to say…about your clothes, the dimple in the middle of your chin- what you shoved in her mouth to keep her quiet. Things only you and she would know. Or maybe just you , her and… the detective still working the file.

Want to know more?

Let’s talk about December of 1962, shall we? Now what does this have  to do with Columbus in 1977?

Survey says…

_a_ _ _c _ _ _ n _!

You fill in the blanks- you always liked that sort of thing anyways.

But, before we give the store away, let’s talk about what happened shortly after Sophie Clark was murdered. Let’s talk about a trip to a rainy area in February of 1963. Do you remember that? You went out there to lay low for a while- to meet up with a man named Rick. A good friend no doubt.

Do you remember the secret handshake?

He took you in, showed you the ropes. You stayed with him until a few months later when you returned to ____________ . (I can fill that in…can you?)

Let’s talk  about your return to the South.

Let’s talk about your friend- your mentor… about the pool that used to be there, that is not now. Let’s talk about what lies beneath? Or rather… who?

Let’s talk about the necklace… the one your mother gave you?

You see…I have been busy!

So much more to come.

Lets talks about the “triad.”

Take a pencil…draw a pyramid. Name the top  point Boston. Name the bottom  left corner, California and the bottom right one Georgia.

So many clues, so little time!



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