Sometimes we are led to things for reasons not of our making …


Today I received a new request…another person in search of answers to the murder of a loved one.

I find it amazing that God has chosen such a life for me and feel humbled that others are being led to this site for relief. If I were able, I would work them all and yet I too have a life that gets in the way of my living and have limitations I must work around. It was funny though…yesterday I listened to some astrology that asked the question, “What of you could get up every day and do what it is you thought you were meant to do, without concerns for finances or perceived obligations?”

So, is this what I would do?

It’s not that easy…

I have a wonderful career as a professional theatre director and it also feeds my soul in a way that few other careers might. It allows for the excess of creative overflow to have purpose…it heals when loss or frustrations besiege this world, but would I give it up to work through spirit alone?

Tricky question… why? Because spirit works through me in the theatre as well as an expression of my creative joy.

I wish to speak to a person who came to me in the earlier stages of this new life adventure- to a woman who came to me for help after the loss of her son. Try as I might, it was a case I was ill prepared for and was not able to satisfy what she needed.

Was it her fault? No…

Was it my fault? No…

Sometimes we are led to things for reasons not of our making and sometimes we are sent places that have healing elements specifically meant for us to discover. That case…her case was not for me to solve at this time. Why? Perhaps the journey was meant for her to walk alone for a bit longer…perhaps her son was trying to help her learn something from the other side I could not or should not have mediated for him.

What I wish to say to you all, is that spirit brings to you what is best for the greater good and sometimes what is good for another is not good for me, or vise-a-versa. My trepidation in allowing others to hear from me has to do more with my fear that I may not connect with their case and that they will see this detour as a negative. Sometimes I am not meant to connect with a case…sometimes it is not meant for me to journey. Does that sound harsh?

When I began this case…the Stocking Strangler… I was in the middle of another book/case and yet the pull to this case was so strong, I could not walk away. That doesn’t happen with every case, but when it does—it is undeniable that spirit is prompting for a reason. What I am required to do is to remain open and to intuit the messages being sent.

God has given me a great gift, but this gift is but half of the combination needed to bring fruition. As those of you who have read the books and followed the blog, I work with a gifted Psychic Medium Detective and she is an essential part of what and how this all happens. Blessed? Yes… I am blessed in ways many of you are unable to appreciate at this point in your life.

What I wish for you to know, should you bring to me the loss of a loved one…where spirit blesses, I will follow with blind fidelity and stay the course without concern for safety or sanity. But for me, I must have that connection and that will be different in every case. I am but one…the other half of two. As always, I will listen and if spirit deems so, will follow and pursue with relentless energy.

This current case has captured heart and soul, but just like the childhood game of, “ring around the roses” it must eventually come to an end. Secrets have been revealed and the devil is in the details, which is exactly what the unholy trinity designed to distract.

However, just like every psycho and sociopath… the ego is the greatest weakness and true to their nature they cannot resist to shout their accomplishments from the rooftops, even as they must bury their triumphs. In this case, quite literally. Your greatest accomplishments will be your undoing and once in print, clues cannot be taken back. I see what you never meant to show, read what you never meant to write and understood what your ego was screaming in between the lines and scrolls.

The triangle is complete…

Do you understand the red key, my dears?

I do…


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