The gift of faith…


Happy Birthday to my father…

Were he here, he would have been 88 years old today, had my mother not been so lonely in heaven without him and come to collect him one early morning 9 days and 6 years ago on March 3rd, 2009.

I’ve missed you everyday since then daddy, but I know you missed her more and so you had to go. That I can wrap my head around… that I can forgive, though I was never meant to be an orphan…even at this age. It sucks. Just every once in a while, reach down from where you are and kiss my cheek– hold my hand in yours and tell me you two are fine and that you miss me too.

I have been deep in thought about my dad for several days now; not that he is not always in my heart, but specifically since my recent dream at the shores of an ocean where we were all together and celebrating something special.

But today is his day and I want to thank him for something we battled over for years…my faith.

Born Catholic, I toyed with the study of many religions- which I’m sure drove my father insane. Now on the other side, I’m certain he forgives the shorthand I came with since birth…a shorthand he never understood…till now!

My father once told me that the greatest gift he could give me, other than life itself, was the gift of faith. In my testy youth I found that a sappy and religiously pandering statement. Now, in doing what I do and what I have learned through my own throws of dealing with overwhelming grief over the loss of loved ones…I have to thank him for teaching me the truth about my faith. It is the most important gift after life itself, for it is faith that makes all the trials  in life- the lessons that we survive to evolve to a higher place…doable. Not wonderful…but doable.

Now that doesn’t mean that we necessarily reach a place through faith where pain no longer pervades our lives or affects our emotions, but it affords us a place of acceptance that lets us know that we are never truly separated from those we love…that the veil is as thick or as thin as we make, or need it to be in the process of our healing.

My faith allows me to reach across the veil– to see and hear what others cannot.

Faith allows me to serve those who have suffered at the hands of others- a place to come for resolution or help. My faith allows me to tread where angels lead the way and it is with their guidance and support that a blessed few are allowed to come to the truth of earthly justice. Not all will…but that is not for me to decide…that is what the heavenly court is for.

The book has now reached 489 pages and will show a trail of murder, wrought by the unholy three who ravaged Boston, California, Atlanta, Columbus and the Florida Keys. The names have not been changed…not like in Charley’s book where I let fear invade my need to be truthful. In this book however, the guilty are who they are and their legacy’s will suffer the consequence of their actions as is willed by another court, other than my own.

You cannot hide in death what you think you buried in life; be you poets, preachers or practitioners of chaos and magik. This ring around the ROSES, will not cover your sins from prying eyes–at east not mine and once published…not from anyone else’s either. Does that bother you? That your secrets are no longer secrets… your lies no longer buried with your victims?

They had much to share and are still sharing! What is it I always said about Charley’s case? Dead men tell no tales…they tell the truth! Well, dead women enjoy their cosmic gossip- but have many truths to share as well. Women from Boston, Columbus, California and the Florida Keys!

So here is a question for you, that was asked of me by spirit early on in this case:

Do you understand the red key?

In the beginning, I didn’t. But after more than a year of research into this case and following spirit’s lead without question… I do!

The collective legacy’s of the unholy trinity (the three killers-the lords of the harvest) now hangs in the balance of justice. Let the public decide what is truth and what is fodder.  My job is simply to provide record of what has been discovered.

So here’s to my father’s birthday.

Happy Birthday daddy…my gift to you is my public acknowledgement of my spiritual faith. May it keep us connected always! Hugs to mom and I hope Birthday cake in heaven is just as good as it is  here!



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