I cannot even remember a time…

6/24/2015 I almost feel as though I should apologize… I cannot even remember a time I went this long without posting and yet, the whirlwind of life has kept things so incredibly busy and almost chaotic that to apologize, while probably appropriate, would be insane. I have hardly stopped for a moment to catch my breath in the last month and I expect that the next will bring more of the same. Silence is not only golden, it is sometimes necessary and even though you have heard this from me before, it has never wrung so true. There are times that we must do the responsible thing…be the responsible one in the room and sometimes being that responsible means we have to stay still…keep quiet and listen…take advantage of what the universe is trying to tell you. This is one of those times. In the days and weeks to come you will come to understand that these are the kind of days that we will look back on and remember the quiet before the storm, for we cannot predict which ways the wind will blow once the clouds have begun to gather. Many people have worked hard and long on this project…many people have waited even longer for results and it is hard to stand tall when the tides of change roll in, not knowing what the undertow will bring with it. Each day I watch the waves break upon my beach; some days it brings me tiny treasures and some days pure unadulterated trash—other people’s trash. And each day I must sift through the pile and rubble and decide what goes where and how to dispose of it. Murder is a lot like that. You never know what the tides of information will bring, still you sift through the evidence of a case and you decide where to put it… you keep what can be used, you dismiss what remains trash. Police files often hold both. The trick is to divine what is treasure and then follow to where it leads. In the days to come you will question why this writer sits silent? Where have I gone? What am I thinking and why am I not sharing that with you? In the days to come, I promise…when the time is right, I will answer those questions and more. It may take 683 pages to do it…but I promise it will be an unforgettable ride! Stay tuned…

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