On the cusp of a new adventure…


We stand on the cusp of a new adventure…the edge of a new year…the edge of truth and consequence.

In less than 30 days we will see the release of my new novel, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR” and hopefully after another hearing on January 12th, 2017…a  more balanced set of results for Carlton M. Gary, convicted of 3 of the 7 Columbus Stocking Strangling’s of 1977 and 1978.

Whatever you’ve heard…whatever you have been shown about the slayings of these women, has potentially been wrong. But who would do such a thing and why? Who thought a lie was better than the truth?  Who lied to protect themselves? Who lied to protect others? Who hid the truth from you in order to allow others to walk the streets under the cover of those still needing protection from discovery?

So many of you knew the truth. Knew more than you let on and yet, let the dice roll– praying that life would continue and you would be saved from consequence, because of your silence. So has your silence served you well? Have you slept well at night, knowing what you know and who you know?

Those murders and several others were most likely not the work of the man convicted. Nor were the murders of Katharina Wright or Mary Sue Ogletree  2 years later.

Want to know the truth Columbus?

Want to know how these crimes were committed? Want to know why? Want to know who was really involved? Who came and who went through the underground tunnels of Columbus? Human refuse  was not the only thing that swished about your sewers at night, dear citizens!

Want to know more?

Stay tuned…

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