The journey has begun…


The journey has begun…

The book, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST”, was released through on 1/13/17…Friday the 13th, an extremely significant date for the killers. Why? Because even if you add the date itself (1+1+3+1+7), it too equates to the cultist number 13. Both the symbolic number of 13 and the full moon which heralded its arrival, is almost all you need to know about why these legendary murders were committed.

Think Columbus was the only place their fingers traveled? Guess again!

“LORDS OF THE HARVEST” is not a small book. It’s mass and content reflect to you the diligent research and dedication of those committed to truth and justice and the countless lives that have been altered because of the actions of a small few. Written in real-time, progressive revelation… you will understand what the investigator understands, as clues are revealed to her.

Folks in Columbus will be shocked…those in Atlanta will be both intrigued and appalled at a justice system that truly let them down when it was most needed. For those in the states of California, Tennessee, Boston, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Florida and points beyond, many will come to grasp that so many of their cold case files no longer need be hopelessly relegated to the dusty file cabinets of a hundred small town precincts.

As a spiritually driven, forensics investigative author, my process–albeit somewhat unorthodox– simply augments the more traditional investigative tactics used by most career criminologists. Regardless of your opinions about  this process–it remains uniquely effective. And, as a responsible investigative author–all information garnered and deemed worthy was properly surrendered to appropriate law enforcement agencies and court officials, prior to its publication. For those who worked quietly behind the scenes and kept their confidence, either through independent valor or contract… I thank you for your faith and trust.

It has been an interesting journey to say the least. Those who were chosen to take this path with me should be honored for their commitment and self sacrifice; those who may come one day to reap its judicious benefits should remember to give thanks; first to Source from whom all goodness flows and then to those who selflessly tilled the soils of doubt and deceit, until they produced the inevitable truth.

Read  the newest tome in my True Crime Investigative series, “LORDS OF THE HARVEST”  and find out how those who have already passed, helped me to discover the key that binds them all; a key that now becomes evident throughout hundreds of cases, dating all the way back to 1945.

“LORDS OF THE HARVEST” in Kindle format will be released through, on January 26th, 2017.

Be it paperback or digital, you will not want to miss this epic adventure in breaking down the true facts of the Columbus Stocking Strangler murders and how the findings in that case, can be extrapolated and extended to several other serial killings, not only in the state of Georgia…but well beyond its borders.

And remember: Dead men tell no tales…but live one’s do, Columbus!

Stay tuned…

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