LORDS OF THE HARVEST…So what about Columbus? Have you ‘red’ it yet?


The book has now been out for a small amount of time and doing well…

So what about Columbus? Have you ‘red’ it yet?

Do you know who the real players are now?

Can you see the lies that were told…in the streets… on the witness stands…in the backrooms and halls of justice? Who was being protected and who was doing the protecting?

Carlton Gary still sits in prison for the Columbus Stocking Stranglings…but for how much longer?

Once the word gets out that the killer who took the lives of your elderly women, still lives on the West coast under another name, comfy and cozy in his little abode–shit may finally hit the fan!

And how about Wayne Williams? He still sits in prison for murders he was convicted of–but was he really the killer of Jimmy Raye Payne and Nathanial Cater? And what of all the child murders he was “credited with”? How honest do you think your city officials were about that? Why did they drop the ball…when did they stop counting…who made the list and who did they conveniently leave off the list, because it would have led the real cops to the bad ones.

Now, I don’t want to ruin the book for you, but all these things are connected.

The Zodiac kills…

The Boston Stranglings…

The Sonoma Stocking Stranglings…

The Black Dahlia…

The West Memphis Three…

The Chicago Lipstick Murders…

Murders in Denver, Maine, Michigan, Texas, Florida, Georgia, California…nationwide!

You have no idea the connections between all these cases or the patterned behaviors and physical evidence that supports such a supposition. Even the Jon Benet Ramsey case has an interesting connection to our casework.

Who lived in Marietta?

Why were they so drawn to that area?

What is MK ULTRA?

Who all was involved?

Why does he post the things he does…why doesn’t the other take down his wall of plates? Who  has the problem with the freaking oranges?

Maybe we should send them a copy of the book!

*All information has been turned over to appropriate law enforcement and other agencies involved with the original cases.

Chicago Cops–read the book!

Boston Cops- read the book!

California Cops–read the book!

Atlanta Cops–read the book!

Denver Cops– read the book!

Florida Cops–read the book!

Florida Keys Cops– read the book!

There are serial killings that span 1945 through the 2000’s that are all connected to the killers who have yet to be named until now. But this is time for justice, real justice…especially for the victims.

All the attorneys should take the weekend- buy the book read the book…take notes!

Author Robert Graysmith, webmaster Tom Voight…there is information for you there to complete your profiles on the Zodiac kills. Chet Dettlinger – may he rest in peace; he, Jeff Prugh and Mike Edwards were so close…so very close! You almost had the answers to the mystery of the Atlanta Missing and Murdered Children and Redwine Lake.

The FBI needs to read the formal reports submitted in 2015 and 2016 again…act on them!

It’s here…in this book. All the answers for Carlton Gary, Wayne Williams and Michael Finn are tucked deep inside.  So many victims, so many clues overlooked. Was this by accident or by measure?

Interested in the truth about these infamous serial killings?

This time…truth s stranger than fiction!

“fools…poets and lunatics”

You can run, but you can’t hide! I’ve found you!

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