Thus far the day has held some wonderful developments. I have sent off my $$ to cover cost of GBI report and will wait anxiously for it to arrive hopefully before the end of the next week. I am curious as to what it may contain. Since I have been unable to retrieve any information from the coroner’s office, I am eager to see if peripheral information as such will be contained in the GBI report. If nothing else, perhaps they have their facts in line, unlike the print news that contradicted themselves at every which turn. I will also ask Julie about the local sheriff (JF) and see if anything else suspicious and/or illegal was linked to him. There was a mention in one of the letters to Charley’s wife I have, that suggests he knew something more about Charley’s death than he led on. I shall try to pull it out again and match names and/or establishments if possible to names mentioned in F’s indictment. The author of the letter mentioned someone else’s death having been just as suspicious as Charley’s suicide. They implicate F as party to the crime. In the meantime, I need to renegotiate a closer date for the reading with my psychic detective and move forward with my outline for this case. Had a good conversation today with the Director of CCIRI about another case I am interested in investigating. It will keep for later… but should prove to be just as exciting. I will try to check out some of the locations were I have asked for further assistance in the current case and see if I have attracted any attention. Looking forward to a pleasant night of wine and music. It has been a crazy week as far as cars go and I am so over mechanical failures! I will be having company over for dinner tomorrow night. Special company as it is the daughter of my coffee pot man.
Till tomorrow then…

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