The Mustang has returned…

The Mustang has returned…
And I am so happy to have my car back! Now perhaps I can put mechanical failures behind me and move forward. This weekend was a good way to spend 48 hours of my life. Drinks with friends Friday night and a possible new case to investigate. Saturday night was dinner with the coffee pot folks and some interesting background information came to light. I need to reread some of the letters on file and find out more about the relationship between Charley and his mother. The problem with this case is that motives fly all over the place with this one. It could have been members of her family who decided to show Charley the path back to fidelity in a violent way that maybe got out of hand. Or, it could have been his partner who liked to bend the law a bit and other local law officials who definitely broke the laws a lot…Perhaps Charley found out something he was not supposed to know. Or maybe it was his mistress’s husband who decided he’d had enough and blackmailed her with his death… The possibilities are endless and until I speak with the detective psychic, I may not have clear path to follow.
On another note, final approval for print of the book The Danburg Diary is completed and disclaimer secured. Final approval for cover art should be next and then we can move forward with a release date. I am anxious for this and need to generate some PR for the release. CCIRI will help with a book signing and a send off that hopefully with garner us both a great deal of attention. Julie still has some folks in the Valdosta area that can be canvassed for more information, so I see a trip in our near future for that and I need that. Need to see the house, get a sense of where things happened. I need to connect visually and emotionally with the landscapes, especially the road where his body was found. Places hold memories deep in their dirt and the air that hovers above. I am going to attempt to Google some of the witnesses’ names from the print reports and see what can be divined from that. I am particularly interested in the two boys from Madison County, Florida. Will check other sites I have blogged on and see what shows up.
Till later then…

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