Casual conversations…

Casual conversations lead to more suspicions…
Friday I spent copious amounts of time at my desk studying both report and a series of other leads in an effort to work through some inconsistencies triggered by the report that continue to plague this case. Since I had retrieved my information so speedily from the GBI Headquarters in Atlanta, I admit to being hopeful for information in kind to come from the FBI office in Atlanta. Suffice it to say, the receptionist was most congenial. The Duty Office on desk that day… well, let’s just say he’s not much of a morning person. But the gentleman he finally routed me to was another kind soul like the receptionist and so I took what advice was given and tried my hand at the FBI web site.
There I was, eager to pursue with great enthusiasm anything else that could be gleaned about my project and that is where I began to hit brick walls. Once you get on the site, navigation becomes a bear. I went to the tab for Researchers and tried to follow… for four hours I tried to follow. Then, my husband tried later that night… for four more hours. Ultimately, we learned this. One being, it is not as easy to navigate as they would have you think. Thus, the apparent necessity for the tab which reads: Hire a Researcher. And two, that even though they have an inordinate amount of information about everything know to mankind, including pre-Civil War and onward … it seems to stop right around 1966 in regards to the Alcohol, Tobacco and Tax Bureau through the Treasury Department. I was able to find one reference, but could not get to it via the vehicle provided. My husband thought he found several… Once again, stymied by links that took him everywhere but where he wanted. But not to worry. Odds are that the FBI has no more weight to it than what the GBI had. The real paper work I would like to get my eyes on is in Valdosta. Coroner’s report by C, police report by F and the AT&T’s report by H and or L.

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