So many questions…

Writing a novel such as this some days becomes more about the process than the end product. It is a world of continual enlightenment and illusion and fascinates this meager mind so, that little else seeps in for hours at a time. Having spent an evening over the weekend with J, I have learned even more about some of the more elusive hours both before and after the shooting. Things that I do not wish to display here just yet; but know that these occurrences in and of themselves, should have warranted so much more from the investigation than was met. Things like, house keys having been taken off the key ring and no-one claims to know where they are, but 3 weeks after his death and questions start being asked… the family goes to the grocery store and comes home to find muddy footprints through the house and coffee grounds strewn about the room! Or how a funeral home could allow someone outside the family to place articles within the pockets of the deceased… some one not his wife and not tell her about it till after the burial? Or how about the fact that three of the witnesses who saw the body on the road, say the crime scene photos show the body in another position? Or how about the pathologists report where they say they had blood scrapings from the top right window of the car. Scrapings of blood from a metal roof and a glass windshield, that somehow survived the horrendous rain storm that ensued that night? The witnesses all claimed it was raining around 10:00 when they drove past his car. One said they saw a man squatting at the right tire area in the rain. If Charley left at 5 till 9 and it takes 45 minutes to get to that location, and the rain began around 10:00 P.M…. how the devil do you drive for 45 minutes to an area, shoot yourself twice in the head through pouring rain, relocate your body at least twice and still have enough dried blood available to be scraped from a glass window sometime after 11:00P.M. ?

Please, even fresh bird ________ won’t stick in that kind of weather, unless it had hours before to dry there first. Even then, the odds of it staying intact on a glass surface under normal rains are ridiculous, but records show they received 3 inches of rain in a two hour period that night. The fact that the windshield wipers were not on, tells us that the incident took place right before it rained… or that the perpetrators didn’t think about that minor detail when they were staging … as no one was driving the car!

It is a shame that so many of the players went to their graves silent, as there are so many shadows that could be brought to light if only… I shall continue in my search of archives and wait to see if another contact has been able to commit to helping me. Occasionally this blog may deal mostly in cryptic format, so as to protect the identity and/or information given by certain people who are aiding in my research. Today is for returning my attentions to the local AT&T (ATF) office that once resided in Valdosta and/or where those records now reside. I will let you know the status of my efforts.
Till tomorrow then…

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