What if it really is…

What if it really is all about the hokey-pokey?

This was not only the wording on a bumper sticker that my sister found, but the running gag between myself, my mother and my youngest sister. (AKA my cosmic twin.) The Hokey-Pokey, while a very animated dance generally known to accompany wedding receptions, Bar and Batmitzpha at a point when most patrons are duly baptized with libations… was also the code name my father gave to the curious fascination the three of us shared about all things commonly seen as taboo. Things like; near death experiences, life after death, clairvoyance, paranormal activities, locutions, synchronicity and various other abnormal disciplines that give persons of religious fervor heart palpitations. In sharing with a few siblings the revelations of last Friday in regards to my parents, the comment was made how ironic that my father would have made an appearance, as it was he first and foremost that insisted such an alliance would be seen an act against our Catholic upbringing. My answer to that now is, apparently it’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks! And seeing how my father now has the upper hand when it comes to knowledge of what it is or is not taboo as seen through the eyes of eternal love, I remark and applaud his participation throughout the experience. What I witnessed last Friday; in having an opportunity to receive not only pertinent information about this case, but having shared a reunion with my parents; tells me that in deed there are greater things in heaven and earth than man can comprehend. So for my siblings, I grant you the gift of confirmation, that great love can indeed pierce the veil of death and that your parents are together and happy to be so. As much as we like to think we spend our days walking paths alone, Friday has taught me that we do not. Those we love and have lost are always at our side. So it seems my friends, it turns out in the end that the bumper sticker was right after all! In the vernacular of the peasantry then let me say to you all, as insane as it may sound…

It REALLY is… all about the Hokey-Pokey! (For you dad.)

As for the transcripts:
I need to get some logistical issues taken care of before I commit further to pen for you here. I see now I will not be able to share the entire transcript with you in this format for the following reasons. Firstly, this is an ongoing investigation for me and I have several unanswered questions that I must find resolution to before going to print. Secondly, there are names… places and people who will be called to task by what has been revealed to me. Many who have passed and so cannot defend or deny their actions. In fairness to them, I will be seeking counsel for what should happen next and will schedule another meeting with the expert to continue to flesh out the circumstances and players of that night and the reasons for why they would commit such a crime.

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