I can share this much…

(Session Transcript cont.)

“She began again…
He is showing me a letter G. It is a name. A unisex name; it can be either male or female. Do you understand this?
I nod. She continues.
The G is perpetrator—suspected. G- He shows me an injury. He shows me his heart- broken heart. Injuries endured from this person— both emotional/physical. The reaction seems more current than it should be. He has not had enough time to process.
He is showing me a red car… or a red truck.
He is showing me a tire… an impact. A domestic dispute that happened before this event.*

(* It is unclear as to whether this dispute is between Charley and his wife or Charley and G. Though if one were to parse words, I believe it would be referring to dispute at home. There is confirmation that such an argument took place within the house the day of his disappearence.)
G has to do with abdominal impact. Perhaps emotional or physical. A shock, something unexpected. Something others would have known about. He keeps referring to G as someone who moves from hurting an animal without conscience to hurting a human without the same.
He continues to show me a tire. Showing me the impact. A shock, an unexpected blow- his body moving back and forth from the tire.

At this point she asks to see something personal of his. An article of his… I hand her the plastic baggie holding the wallet. She removes it carefully and runs it over in her hands and then opens it and asks, “Was it wet?” I nod confirmation.
She tells me he breaks in to ask about his daughter.
She asks if I understand. I nod. ‘Does he have a daughter?
I nod confirmation. She says he keeps repeating, “My little girl. My little girl…”
He is showing her a location. It is woodsy… there is water… swampy.
She asks if I understand. I nod in confirmation.
She asks me to tell her where this might be. I give her the information I have about the Clyatteville- Nankin Road where his body was found. She asks if there is water. I nod confirmation. There is a river (Withlacoochee River) that acts as border between Brooks County Florida and Lowndes County Georgia. His body was found approximately 1000 yards from a river.
She asks if the area is swampy. I nod confirmation.

She continues.

He is showing me things. He is showing me injuries he has suffered from this person before, leading up to… He is showing me an object. I will try to describe using something I recognize. It is a tool. A tool you might find in your garage.
May I borrow your pen?
I hand her my pen and she begins to draw what appears to be a small coping saw.
Do you understand?
The tool is like this. The handle is like this and the other areas are jagged edges, like a saw blade.
Do you recognize such a tool? I nod confirmation.

May I tell you something? She nods.

He built houses on the side. I believe this to be a coping saw. It is a fine saw used for delicate carpentry work- angles on chair rails, quarter rounds for base boards. She thanks me and admits it is outside her scope.

He is very definite about this tool. He shows me lacerations from this tool. He concentrates on his arms again.
He is showing me about G. She is showing me, G =’s “that bitch”.

She advises me; they do not judge on the other side, but he is showing me so that I might understand what he felt about G.

He is showing me another object.
May I borrow your pen again? He is showing me a mallet or a gavel type object. It has a handle like this and a T shaped top.
I asked if the T portion at the top was elongated or cropped.
She responds …cropped, like a judges gavel. But not to say it was a judge’s gavel.
He is showing me an older man with a lot of money. He shows me the letters, L and T. Again he shows me G and shows “that bitch”.
There is an association- a connection between G and the older man LT.
He then shows me the tire and a secondary injury/second to an initial impact. Something impacted first at abdomen. I am uncertain if this is physical or emotional.

Next; he is showing me the area on the back of his head. There is energy from the side. This is the first definite physical impact.
He is showing me a second energy on the left side of his head -a second impact. First impact a blow, then the second to the left area of the head. Great energy there. Do you understand? Do you know what this is?

I nod confirmation and ask if I may tell her something. She nods.

I tell her there were bruises found to the back of his head and that the fatal shot was behind and just above his left ear.
(I do not mention the other wound to the chin as I am assuming that will be demonstrated next.)
She acknowledges and he shows her energy to the left side of his head.
(At this point I wanted to ask about the second wound, but hold my tongue as she is trying to redirect.)
He is showing me G. He is showing me; black widow, calculated, evil.
Do you understand what this means? Do you know who this is?

At this point I ask her if I can tell her who this is. She nods confirmation and says yes.”

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