The more I hear…


With generosity of spirit and compassionate guidance, I continue to be led to people still living that played a role in the events of that evening- not the perpetrators, mind you- but peripheral innocents that became a part of the story through mere association. Thus far I have been aided by sources that I shall keep close to my vest… but they have been marvelous in raking through years of memories and misconceptions about the circumstances surrounding that night.

The transcript from this point forward, names too many names. Not be mindful of the fallout that would ensue after, would be irresponsible. Some of what could be printed would not be much in the way of surprise, as their names appeared in various print media of the time for infractions and suspicions both large and small. In fact almost all the names connected and woven throughout the transcript of my session have seen ink from time to time. But as I say, to be fair to those who cannot deny or defend themselves in the here and now, I shall wait until I have all the pieces to the puzzle before I take to print with my educated theory.

The more I read and the more I hear…I am convinced that this case should be re-opened. Life in Lowndes County; Valdosta in particular at the time was managed by many, but governed by few. Men drunk with power, libation and opportunity committed crimes of unspeakable horror without fear of recrimination. A Federal Treasury Agent was killed and yet the scream of outrage never came from the collective brotherhood of law enforcement there. Only from the widow and a handful of independents brave enough to cry foul play. Those few who found their voices, learned all to soon that they would bounce most singularly between the pines of the Clyattville –Nankin Road swamps without echo to follow. Those few, who continually sought assistance from the local law, asking… why and how such a travesty could have happened, found their answers in the form of home invasions and errant bullets. Innocents, that asked why such an investigation was never turned over (before and/or after the reclassification) to a trained and impartial law enforcement agency for further discovery?

And what kind of gullibility ran rampant within the State and Federal agencies involved in that investigation that they could not see the crime scene read like a bad Mickey Spillane novel? Decision makers who swallowed local law whole and did not vomit on the garbage they were fed? Those men and those agencies who obstructed the due process of the law, I hold responsible for the rush to Coroner’s Inquest and the subsequent misclassification of Charley’s death. How dare these men who carried both badge and gun, be allowed even in death to call themselves ambassadors of justice.

An unfaithful brotherhood, that could not step outside themselves for one brief moment to understand the damage of the legacy they helped to build by their ambiguity and apathy in the wake of Charley’s passing. Should not those who committed these crimes and this abuse stand before the court of public opinion and be called to answer for the damage that they have wrought? When it comes to an unsolved murder, which I believe is the case with Charley; I can say without hesitation that justice delayed- should not remain justice denied! I share in the frustration of a soul who has wandered above the veil of this earth since 1966 patiently awaiting his chance to speak his truth and ask… where are the heroes who would step forth gladly and resurrect this man’s name along with this case so that the truth of October 9, 1966 become known?

Keep talking Charley… I’m listening.

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