More of the transcript from session #1…

I tell her G is the younger woman who they say he was leaving his wife for. The reason he committed suicide.’
At this point she is visibly affected and pulls her sleeves up to show me her arms. She tells me they will often give a physical response when something affects them strongly. The physical response is strong every time we speak her name.

I tell her the story is that he and Hazel fought that day over his affair with G. That they discussed divorce and that Gerri had supposedly threatened to dump him if he didn’t tell his wife he was leaving her that weekend. Rumor had it that he saw her (G) later that day on her front porch talking with her ex-husband and supposedly Charley became distraught over what he thought was her getting back together wither husband*, and so he drove out of town and committed suicide.

(*G does remarry her husband 3 weeks after Charley is buried.)

She tells me he did not commit suicide. She tells me they present suicide if in deed that is what happened. She tells me she can assure me Charley did not commit suicide.

She tells me he has become nostalgic and shows her his heart. He shows her his children; that he would never have abandoned them.
She tries to redirect.
He continues; he would never have abandoned them.
She asks him to show her the car and what happened at the tire.
She asks to borrow my pen again and makes a rudimentary drawing of a car; a rectangular with four circles to symbolize tires and two smaller circles with lines coming out of them to symbolize head lights, so that I might get the locations of information I am seeking.
She shows me an X at the front right tire and tells me, he shows her this is his location.
He continues to refer to a red truck.

She redirects.

He shows her the tire is for the first impact… a shock. I ask her to clarify.
She redirects.
A shock, an unexpected blow. A moment of recognition when you know everything has changed. An, “oh shit moment.”
Do you understand?
I say yes. A kind of, “WTF” moment. She confirms.

I ask her if I can ask him to show her, so that she may show me. Body tingling, she responds with confirmation. I ask if G is there. Body tingling she responds with confirmation. There are two entities there at the crime scene. The other is a younger man… a law enforcement individual.

She tells me again he came to her days ago.
She asks to redirect and he shows her he has a personal message for me.
He is showing her, he is thanking me for helping Julie.
He is showing her (J’s) 2 children. Two grandbabies.
She asks if I understand. I nod confirmation. Julie has two boys.
She tells me he is having a nostalgic moment. He is showing her emptiness… void… his loss at not being able to participate. He offers support and guidance. He is a part of their lives, though he cannot participate. His sadness is overwhelming. She tells me this is very moving for her. He shows her grief- emotional pain. Emptiness.
He shows her, he would never have abandoned them. He repeats this over and over.

She tries to redirect.

He shows her his connection to Hazel (wife). That he is a good person. He shows a sense of being torn between the two- G and Hazel. He has a connection to Hazel, a respect, a love. A connection- strong bond. A great affection.
He is immediately drawn back to G.
G he equates to man eater.
G is double dipping with LT.
He shows G with an older man. Wealthy- socio-economic differences. Influential, higher up. Many years her senior. Shows her having a bond with this older man and a younger male in law enforcement.

She asks me to write down the first names that come to my mind in regards to Charley’s case. I write the following, pulling from immediate memory of documents and interviews in this fashion and in this order:



She asks for my pen and then interrupts.

He is showing me 1439 blue oak. Three times she repeats.
1439 blue oak, 1439 blue oak, 1439 blue oak
Do you understand?
I say I think so and ask if I can have clarification. Does oak stand for Oak Street?
She closes her eyes, and then nods confirmation.
1439 Oak Street, blue house
Do you understand? Does this mean anything to you?
I respond, ‘I think so.’

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