For Jenny…


Twenty two years ago today I was giving birth to my first child and celebrating my first Mother’s Day—all at the same time. Last night I watched that child walk down an aisle in cap and gown and receive her Bachelor’s degree in Arts. Today I salute her for her achievements and her perseverance. Last night at 12:03 A. M. I called a tearful child to be the first to wish her a Happy Birthday and remembered what it was like to be separated from my mother by obligations, time and some one else’s need. To this grown up toddler I say quite compassionately. It will be ok. The miles between us will never matter. The time that exists in between hugs and kisses will never be calculated and my heart while fickle about things like deciding between kosher or dill pickles and thick or thin crust pizza, will never falter in its admiration and love for the tiny child that first brought me the joys and terrors of motherhood.

And to my other two daughters who taunt and terrorize me on a daily basis… I will always honor the gift you are to me. I will always be here and now thanks to Charley, I will know it is possible to always be at your side. Through this life… and the next… and the next… and the next… and the next…

For Jenny…

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