Be afraid… be very afraid…

Interestingly enough…
Interestingly enough I found out today that until the early 1970’s the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) was not a separate entity, but the investigative part of the Georgia State Patrol Department. How convenient for those involved that night? I have crime scene photos that tell me one thing about that night and a retired State Trooper that tells me another. You cannot argue effectively with either a photo or a born again Christian, but I can argue with bull___. And we seem to have an abundance of that in this case. Photos and testimonies are so different from one another, that I am sick to the bone from talking about it. I have chastised Charley till I am blue. I cannot follow so many leads that lead me nowhere. Ostrich’s and badge numbers; trails to the Governor’s office and rape cases that no one wants to remember! Men whose jaws are clamped shut by guilt or conspiracy. Photos that I know are a lie, but hold some truth are contrasted by men who hold some truth but only lie. My frustration is running rampant tonight and I am tired of the inconsistency of information. Most remarkable though, even with the separate entities that were involved… all signed off on the reports as if speaking with one voice and they all say… screw you! We will die with our secrets and most of them have.

To those who have died…may you rest in Hell! To the rest of you… my patience is running thin.
Be afraid… be very afraid.

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