Retracing my steps…


The devil’s in the details.
Again and again I revisit my files. Over and over; each page being committed to memory–burning information into my skull. The red headed man keeps making an appearance in my thoughts. I reread the 2nd and 3rd session notes from R.

“… Do you understand the man with the red hair?
He talks about the man with the red hair.
Everyone will know.
Man with the red hair-
He’s the go to guy. He does the cover up…”

Hypothetically she explains:
“‘…Red head- I’ll take care of it. Bond between red headed man and shooter is strong. Red head man tells shooter to go home- don’t talk– keep quiet—I’ll take care of things…’”

New info;
“…Dogs there too! Dog belongs to trigger puller—loyal dog—went everywhere. The dog’s feet are getting muddy. He is showing me muddy feet—prints—
Two things coming through… younger man discloses to the older man- he confesses. Dog linked to shooter– lived with all day…”

R redirects:
“This is interesting. Tennis association—tennis or racquet ball. Trigger puller and confessor—association—they played this sport together.
Balls—2 racquets—bigger space—nicer space (not the clubhouse) nicer space…”

R redirects:
“… coffee grounds on the floor and counter tops. Strong female energy—spitting on your grave! A f/u message. Strong female energy—red nail polish—they look in one to two places—cupboards—cabinets. Dump grounds- swearing. In and out—quickly…”

R redirects:
“… Wet foot prints in the hall outside office—not Charley’s—someone from the crime scene—coming from the crime scene—not Charley…after rain—alive-no rain/ dead-rain—not Charley…”

“… truck—red truck—tied to girl—not hers, but tied to her…”

Session 3:
“… Ostrich tied to man with the crooked teeth. A nickname or a badge with this on it.

Feels like a female energy removed the key (Charley’s P.O. Box), but also feels like she was asked to do it. Seems like there is a “J” associated with her.”

Later entry:

“… Oh my gosh…
Charley just showed me he met F____ at the lake by the clubhouse and gave him an envelope. It has the video inside it! Feels like F____ planted the video…”

R redirects:
“Do you feel safe going forward?’

“I have no choice…”

This weekend I return to Valdosta to gather more information. This weekend I will metaphorically pry loose several more nails from Charley’s coffin.

Until later then.

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