Follow the yellow brick road…

Let’s say you were on a journey to someplace- like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. That when trouble came- first you tried to outrun it- then you tried to hide from it- and when that didn’t work… You got swept up and carried away by it. And even though you had travelled far and learned a great many new things, you just wanted to know the truth. And like Dorothy you too had met some really nice people along the way and some really not nice people. What would you tell people about your adventure?

‘…That some of the places were scary, but some of the places were quite beautiful.
And that you were there, and you… oh… and you! And even though some of these people were really very nice- all the same– you kept telling them all- you just wanted the truth. You just wanted the truth! And then finally… they gave you the truth!

And you said…

‘…Oh, but it really couldn’t have happened that way… could it?’ They look at you in disbelief. ‘ I know you don’t really believe me. But Toto does… and anyway Toto… we’re home, we’re finally home. And we’re safe and I won’t ever leave here again, because…

Yes… because why Dorothy? What have you learned?

‘Well…that if I ever want to go searching for the truth again- that I won’t go any further than my own backyard- because if it isn’t there… then I never really lost it to begin with.’

Follow the yellow brick road…

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