Without misstep or faltering compass…


I am often reminded of the fact that this journey feels more intense for me than for the reader as I am not always at liberty to share. For this you should be grateful as sometimes discussing clues prematurely means I run the risk of missing something else while pontificating about assumed connections.
Today we look out over the crest of summer and I know as the weeks begin to count down to the autumn, I will feel the internal clockworks of my self imposed deadline grind away at my patience.
This is a journey of epic proportion. I have invited you along and I promise that in the next few days I will grant you access to some of the more exciting twists and turns that it has taken of late.
As it stands, great journeys require great internal fortitude, a well packed satchel and a comprehensive map to follow.

I am in the process of making that map. Be patient with me. It must be clear and precise for others to follow without misstep or faltering compass.

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