Charley hasn’t forgotten…

“…HELENA, Mont. (June 15) — The aging Frank Dryman, a notorious killer from Montana’s past, had hidden in plain sight for so long that he forgot he was a wanted man.
In an exclusive jailhouse interview with The Associated Press, Dryman detailed how he invented a whole new life, with a new family, an Arizona wedding chapel business – and even volunteer work for local civic clubs.
“They just forgot about me,” said Dryman, in his first interview since being caught and sent back to the prison he last left in the 1960s. “I was a prominent member of the community.” Frank Dryman, 79, a notorious killer from Montana, is back behind bars after skipping out on parole and evading authorities for 40 years.
That is, until the grandson of the man he shot six times in the back came looking…”

This is a portion of an article I read the other day. It was interesting in that I found there to be a great many parallels to this story about Charley. Especially the part about hiding people and things in plain sight—hidden in plain sight for so long, that they think the world has forgotten that crimes were committed.
Charley hasn’t forgotten…J hasn’t forgotten and me?
Well, you know by now how I feel about a scavenger hunt… don’t you?

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