Bet you’re just dying to know why…

One of the things mentioned in a recent session by R was that the investigation would take shift in direction between the 14th and the 17th of June. In fact a small shift did occur on the 16th. I will wait to see if this is what R or Charley had in mind, or if there is something underway from another angle I have yet to navigate. None the less, tomorrow is Saturday and it should be a lovely day for a ride in the country—a nice long ride.

I have a few inconsistencies that continue to plague me…
There is a report from the Sheriff’s Department, pulled from a personal memoir that never mentions that the Sheriff was there that night. Yet in a reading from R, they present that the Sheriff was there- silent standing under an umbrella in a downpour… watching, waiting and making certain his a__ was covered. It bothers me too, that there are no timelines mentioned in this report, other than the initial 11:00 reporting of the phone call by two boys to Brooks County. A call that was later remade to Lowndes County. What bothers even more is that there is no date reflected on this report. Odd, don’t you think? An official document- with no date, no timelines? Including what time the photos were taken. Everything is very open to interpretation. Now, 1966 isn’t that long ago- so why the lack of accountability and yet tons of ambiguity? Why would you leave a report like that so open ended?
In fact, all the witness statements are recorded over 9 days after the event. Why is that? Aren’t statements taken that same time as the crime for a reason? Accuracy? Allowing one the ability to vet and verify a whiteness’s innocence and/or culpability?

Too much time… too much time is built in between the crime and the witness statements. And the report refers to 8 crime scene photos, yet there are only 6 in this file. Why? What or who was reflected in those other photos, that it became necessary to remove them from a file- even a personal one? There is one redeeming quality to this report. Being, that its owner had both pages of the GBI Crime Lab report in tact. Page two, which is the most important page of all- ballistics! Now, why the GBI could not cough up both original pages to their own report is a real focus of interest for me. Why? Because this Deputy Sheriff got it from them in the first place– didn’t he? Wouldn’t they of all people and organizations have a complete copy of their own findings???

I have many questions my friends… 157 pages of them and they all begin and end with those who did the investigation to begin with. How is it that 44 years later, a widow’s journal,two buckets of information and whispering ghosts who now lay beneath the sandy soil the perpetrators still like to call home– give away more information than those who claim to have been first responders that night back in 1966?
Bet you’re just dying to know why…

I know Charley did.

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