First of all, gratitude is an attitude-so, thank you to the surgeons for saving the life of my husband and for all the family and friends who have been beside me throughout this new adventure.
Now onto Charley…
Let me pose a question to you all and comment those of you who care to, or who are unafraid to leave your names.

If a crime was committed against someone you cherished 44 years ago and most of the people involved were dead… but many who knew and abetted the killer were still alive…
What would you do?
Move to re-open the case and prosecute?
Drop the whole thing?
Or would you simply continue in your investigation until you had gleaned everything you felt you could get from such fallow ground; inform the victim’s family and then let them make the decision as to what to do next—even though fruition is the very purpose for which you were commissioned?

It is an interesting proposition, full of moral landmines to consider. Do you implicate people who can no longer defend or deny their actions- knowing they have children and grandchildren who would be devastated by their fatal flaw?

Or do you allow them all; both living and dead to get away with murder? Think. my dear friends. What would you do?
Until later then…

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