Golly… one would think they had something to hide!

While reviewing my report, I found that I still had questions about one of the folks I interviewed several times throughout this project. Sometimes it is more what people don’t ask or tell you that provides you with the most information. This particular individual provided sketchy information on things he should have known and provided great detail on some things he shouldn’t have. Thus, a red flag the size of Texas went up the proverbial flagpole for me. Curious about this person’s possible involvement and intent, I sent R a message about my quandary.
It came back:
“…I get bootlegging references. Was he a “heavy” man during the time of Charlie’s death? Information presents as him in charge of distributing the alcohol…”

The thing that pisses me off the most is that again, this man like so many others presented himself as someone who could be trusted… some one who upheld the law and did not break it. This is the second time a man retired from law enforcement from Valdosta has blatantly lied to me… At least that I know of and can prove!

Golly… do any of them even recognize the truth anymore? One might be led by their actions to think that they all had something to hide!

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