Give thanks…

The longer I remain in this hospital the longer I have the chance to observe human nature at its best. In particular, a PCT named Jessica who has gone out of her way daily to come and check in on my husband and to make certain his care is optimum. Her due diligence and compassionate nature fused with great humor reminds me that as I spend most of my day with my head stuffed in a file and crime scene photos of the most graphic extent- that there are still people surrounding me who make up for the more baser elements of our society. For people like PCT Jessica who serve on a daily basis…
I give great thanks.

3 Responses to “Give thanks…”

  1. jessica Says:

    hello i really apprecieate the thanks but its not at all expected. I am a caring person and something drew us together for a reason. i felt a weird connection to you both. I hope all is well you two have a love that is very strong it is something to be desired by all only in observation do i assume this. B sure to keep in touch as much as possible and keep doing what you do. I wish you well!!!!!!!

    • brownstonelit Says:

      When someone does something well- they should be recognized for such. You may contact me at any time you wish. I will send you my personal email in a little bit. I have just gotten him home from the hospital and he is resting in bed now with all four dogs resting at his side. At last, daddy is home!! The kids of course are another story!!! LOL They are off at the grocery store buying a Fourth of July meal he will probably not even eat! But it’s the thought that counts!!
      My best to you always- kindred spirits always seem to find one another just in the hour of their need. That you for being there for us. Keep reading and keep in touch!

    • brownstonelit Says:

      I found another body! Hope you are well….
      ta powell

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