They should be…

I generated a report for certain… organizations, let’s say. And in doing so, asked a trusted colleague  to preview and if she felt the format was proper. She replied that it was shy one thing. A cover letter. When I explained that that information could be found under the General Overview section; she reminded me that time is precious. That she herself was not a big reader and that she wanted to know everything up front. She said- give it to me  first and give it to me in bullet points.
How ironic, I thought and then later… how apprpriate!
Think about it… bullet points.
Well, immediately it brought completely different kinds of visuals to my head, but then those of you who know me- already knew that was coming! So, in my best self edification I brought the culmination of research and circumstance down to one page of, “bullet” points. I was economical, succinct, brutally honest in my presentation and even more… I was amazed. The result of hard core ground roots investigating, intuitive research and just plain dumb luck …had produced exactly what I had set out to do- resolution.
With the help of many, I believe I have solved the mystery of what happened to Charley that night back in 1966 and in doing so understand now why Charley could not just give me the answer straight up from the start. Oh, that’s not to tell you that he didn’t give out some pretty heavy handed clues along the way… that’s just to say that he refused to give me definitives.
For that I thank him. Because in the end, it really was about the journey of discovery- not for him mind you- for me. He sits now in a place that holds for him another journey. Charley must now learn how to detach from his own life here on this plane. He must accept that his children will now be able to sleep at night, knowing that their father did not leave this world or them, of his own accord. That he was a victim of someone else’s ignorance and rage. That perhaps even, it may have been an accident. That his wife who fought each hour of her remaining life to salvage dignity for them all, can now rest vindicated for the measure of faith and trust she placed in her husband’s memory. You want to know who killed Charley? I could tell you. You want to know how they killed Charley? I could tell you that too. But if you want to know why they killed Charley?

Now…it gets a bit tricky there. You see, I have some facts- some very bizarre explanations and some very outrageous intuitions and if you blend them all, then extrapolate from that blend… you get a disgusting, depraved set of circumstances that will make your stomach roll with uncontrollable revolutions. It is a tale that involves more people now than you can possibly imagine. A tale of two cities… a tale of debauchery and lust… a tale that squandered the lives of so many to protect so few. A tale of greed… a tale of woe and a tale above all else that must be told.

Are the grim reaper and his cohorts in crime squirming right now? They should be…because there’s more! Oh so much more that cannot be written here today. When Charley said this was just the tip of the iceberg- he wasn’t just a-woofing! The Titanic sunk for want of one iceberg… How large would one iceberg have to be to sink an entire city? County? A state perhaps…..?
Until later then.

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