Did you know?


Did you know that Charley talks in his sleep? Not to you of course, but to others who listen? He talks about all kinds of things… and he has friends. And they talk too. They tell you all about how crazy things were that night. How everybody involved had a chore to do. Some had to manipulate the crime scene- some had to remove pages and pictures from reports- some had to prevent the widow from seeing her husband for two days to hide evidence. Some even had to spread vicious lies, put things in caskets and plant evidence. While others had to break and enter… No, sorry. My bad… no breaking and entering done there! I forgot- why? Because they already had stolen the keys, silly! House keys, Post Office keys- office keys! Why… by the time they finished with their thievery, they may have even had the keys to the Emerald City of Oz for all I know. Isn’t it amazing what immorality and depravity can do for some folks? You take law enforcement officers; promise a little sex, add a little hush money and bingo! You have instant cover-up. I love America- land of the free, the brave and the bought!
Now that’s a logo I’ll bet they didn’t want to see on their billboards!!!

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